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KNITFreedom - How To Do The Stretchy Yarnover Bind-Off  See details »

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  • 00:00: to do Jenny surprisingly stretchy bind-off start by putting a yarn over on your right hand needle like that next knit the first stitch on your left hand needle and I'll show you American style in just a minute I'm just doing continental style for now and then using the tip of your left hand needle pass that stitch over the one on your needle now here comes the part where we repeat yarn over knit one pass stitch over and
  • 00:30: pass stitch over so it's going to be an easy way to remember what you need to do the steps are pretty easy we're just going to repeat these four steps yarn over knit pass pass you can see I'm using my fingers to sort of pull the
  • 01:01: Knitting down to see what I'm doing that can help you if you want yarn over knit pass pass this is what it's starting to look like and it's really stretchy I love the look of it this is what the steps look like when you're knitting American style yarn over knit pass pass it's really simple I think it's pure genius
  • 01:42: there we go just wanna make sure that y'all can see really well oops let's do a yarn over knit pass pass and that's what it looks like