Ludmila Chuychenko

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  • 00:00: shorter than the guys I want to you can share It is to be specifically for raw foodists can it is for all people when upon a time I have taught carve correctly grenades Ever since I began but with the that in general no able to cut early but correctly No one at all I cut in half for some of the juices flowing it all around sprinkles and actually actually very clean just all here simply just tea we first show cut away the incision
  • 00:32: upper cap cap we incision not until the end of the regime's sandpaper like feel and then we have this so take off the hat You will know me I hit 1 1 7 and Well except for I was worried Nothing hurt but Now we do here look carefully here cuts here right distinction I am here as if I did not know how to but to explain such Perry shelves of the same an incision is cut to all pereponochkami nothing here
  • 01:02: it touches the operator I do not touch anything shorter incision all notched Now the middle of the sticks a knife and simply turn cool remove the knife here you please even in normal life doing this I nothing is I fall out of captivity just worried at I was so awesome well disclose
  • 01:32: all Olya