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  • 00:00: Hello today baking cookies from oatmeal mix in a bowl 2 cups small oatmeal 1 a teaspoon of flour and 1 glass slightly fried and shredded nuts Today we use walnuts but you can also use peanuts pistachios or any other nuts that
  • 00:31: you love 100 grams of soft butter put in a bowl from mixer we add one sachet vanilla sugar and floor anna sahara whisk on high speed-hot in The whipping time can be
  • 01:04: clean stenochki bowl of mixer from adhered oil on one we add 2 eggs should turn white lush bulk pouring in this mass our nuts with oatmeal flakes and mix with the help of two spoons
  • 01:42: spread the dough on the laid sheet paper for baking other recipes of our kitchen you can find on our website bake in advance preheated oven at a temperature of 180 degrees 15 minutes let the liver cool down
  • 02:31: then you are easy you can remove it from paper we serve for tea or coffee a pleasant tea party