Aleksandr Maksimov

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Keyboard reductions in the Adobe Photoshop program\u000d\u000aor use of "горячих клавиш" that is keyboard \u000d\u000areductions, very often facilitates and accelerates work in \u000d\u000ato any program. I offer you the first 10 sets such \u000d\u000areductions for the Adobe Photoshop program.\u000d\u000a http:\/\/\/-IEHfJ1ShGI  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: to delete
  • 00:45: the current layer is selected layer click the business working with tool clutch you
  • 01:15: you can choose any layer clicking on the object with pressed counter press tab to hide the panel tools and palettes and shift + tab will only
  • 01:45: palettes to create a new layer press shift counter + n to increase
  • 02:15: image click counter and plus so repeat several times to reduce image click contour and minus so repeat several once double click on gray background will open a dialog window for opening file
  • 02:45: but to choose alt all click and and to draw straight line with using a brush or make a pencil one click at point start then click shift + click at point
  • 03:15: the end command contour + click create a copy image and will move it to the motion of the mouse logan