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  • 00:00: hello today in huts for dessert Prague cake for cooking Prague cake in a bowl, pour 1 can of condensed add milk 4 tablespoons cocoa and carefully stir continuing stir one add 4 eggs
  • 00:31: continue to stir up smooth mass add 2 cup sugar and 1 packet of vanilla Sahara stir all the time put half a kilo cream interfere weight she must be uniform and at the end add 2 cups
  • 01:04: sifted flour baking If you do not have flour for baking you need to add 1 teaspoon of tea soda extinguished one a tablespoon of 5 percentage of vinegar very carefully stir the whole mass to become flat and smooth brilliant and that the there was no lumps oven filed split form
  • 01:35: diameter 28 I centimeters There are two forms and I'll stove 2 cake simultaneously if You only have one form is lined with paper poured into it half cooked bake the dough in preheated oven at at 180 degrees 35-40 minutes before removing the the cake from the oven
  • 02:06: check it out at readiness To do this, insert into wooden cake wand and immediately remove it but if the stick is dry Cleaning the cake is ready Put the ready cakes on a wooden board remove paper and reserve cakes relax on five or six hours our other recipes
  • 02:36: the kitchen you can find on our website until the cakes rest prepare oil chocolate cream in mixer bowl Put a 300 gram soft butter oil and high speed, beat it white-reducing speed gradually
  • 03:10: add 4 tablespoons tablespoons cocoa When all the oil whipped into a homogeneous weight increase to a high speed and continue whisking add one packet of vanilla sugar and a jar condensed milk
  • 03:43: small portions Ready cream should have magnificent and tilting the dishes are not should crawl We proceed to the assembly cake If the cake has turned rough here we middle of the cake rose more than around the edges we carefully We align the take
  • 04:13: same split form that cared cakes put one cake form and about half cream spread on the course carefully flatten cream we place on top of the second shortcake bottomed top lightly grease it
  • 04:46: cream it will Nestor then overturn reasonable shape together with shortcakes on a serving plate remove Split form and remaining cream neat and evenly lubricates whole cake our other recipes the kitchen you can find on our website decorate Prague
  • 05:19: cake toasted crushed nuts melenkimi free and you can decorate chocolates on your discretion and at your taste ready to put the cake at least two or three hour in a refrigerator you can bake a cake and stone and take out the refrigerator cut into portions and We serve for the holiday table with tea or coffee pleasant tea