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  • 00:00: not and greetings to all subscribers and olkov channel viewers it is this year spring such variability
  • 00:30: the weather is changing literally minutes and then the sun is the rain the wind is not so tass We have to catch literally every day and today their partners Pan BBQ cook chicken kebab This is not exactly two crust kilogram marinade is needed onion apple juice two lemons a little soy oil sauce spices namely around the minds paprika and skull too delicious barbecue will do not have a strong as part of a whole
  • 01:00: Chicken so that it was on the skewer class. by recipe with chicken you need to remove the skins We begin doing So for the first time We do incision breast is removed easy way and then eat the papers a
  • 01:44: continue to be divided into portions of the before you start make the marinade call
  • 02:14: Spice Oils Spices better to give its smell and flavor onion cut into semiring apples sour-sweet three on large grater davim juice of two lemons and also highlight our Marinade Horseradish three it on a fine grater pile add salt and sugar and well grind pretty marina
  • 02:55: spices March 2 tablespoons tablespoons soy sauce, All good mix must just smell the marinade extraordinary one ingredient felt and onion and sweet apple horseradish, he emphasizes spices You should turn very tasty start marinate chicken this recipe I purse chicken I took the magazine and men's health it's called sour chicken but as always added something of his own
  • 03:25: its two ingredients Now you can call that this acid A new chicken I put on the badge small oppression and couple of hours refrigerator all the way well promarinuetsya I cherry firewood
  • 04:05: an apple tree but grassroots meat skewer hen marinated simply amazing straight melts in the hands of I wrote off that excess I cut all the same leg foothills begin
  • 04:35: roast chicken animal tender so fried long and accordingly it is necessary convert more often so as not burnt Friends 4 pm I have
  • 05:28: I do not think it hurt I am ready and is about eat our partner in NATO and
  • 05:59: my fantasy is not necessary me hungry but the links look gu senior home gin and it beautiful delicious fragrant minced chicken on someone all until I went to Taste