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Olga Nikishicheva. A coat from a thick woolen cloth - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: light warm coat wool sew this can be their own hands a small flap drape just a couple clock style coat It is very simple rovnenko and without any darts classical length just below the knee get very beautiful It needs the segment woolen drape a length and a half meters I propose to take soft coat does not big pile very tender lilac edge we will process the edge
  • 00:30: say we add up facial tissue side inside no yardsticks and complex patterns cut a coat It can be taken as a basis proven Niccolo pipe on which we have sewn not one thing applying it other tissue first draw back key point add length coat is about one hundred and five centimeters and a little to reveal
  • 01:00: God adjust to hemline Now draw a stick add allowance but draw out the clasp on contour cut base coat given seam allowance of remaining in as I edge sleeves are very fashionable three-quarter length too the fact remains that Coats can be collected
  • 01:33: shoulders and sew sides petite affiliate crafty right shade edge She pile fabrics they need to be very more accurately steam and less otherwise the pressure on the iron nap at the edges crumpled and by printed on obverse Folding and sewn sleeves and fasten them to the word Territory treat leather edging
  • 02:03: wear this coat It can be cleared from the scraps or with a beautiful belt and if the finger sew the lining and Silk is no one I guess you They sew it yourself and do not of expensive fabric 6 that the long-awaited his hour mezzanine Olga nikishicheva Alex Ovchinnikov first channel