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  • 00:00: subordinate time offer and conditions we will consider use present tense instead of the future in subordinate time offers and the conditions of subordinate time offers and the conditions of unions iv
  • 00:30: if u have an auto after the bifa before a claimed as if he no antey until not Future tense is replaced by the form present tense into Russian translated future es una for get free of giving a finnish in
  • 01:04: gas tank before go reads a pivot mother circled hildy vitek to the archive of another she's the presentation, give your forehead and will be anapa antifreeze first-born buy-in swamp extra will start like a tumor by far the sunrise but there are cases when
  • 01:35: in complex sentences iv and v subordinate offer includes in itself a verb in the form future tense consider the following examples and its antenna yon my angelfish raf I I want to know when my aunt will come here we used would be because the union word as. is introduced
  • 02:05: subordinate additional they clause of time and he is asked to the question is that when they what i want to know is wonder if all for time was Freese me all Mandi I wonder whether all these people to me in Monday in this offer the Union in a word iv is also introduced subordinate additional which responds to the question is what they are
  • 02:35: what condition what to me interesting as a rule of such kind constructions are used in translation into an indirect speech the general issue of Jonas will you can find lacey jonas if all countries place The best way avoid mistakes Ask a Question
  • 03:05: subordinate in proposal if the question is when what condition when as soon as before us appendages of time or conditions therefore future time is not is used if subordinate is responsible to the question what is it rule does not work and if necessary can be used verb forms future tense
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