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How to Make a Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet with Roses and Dendrobium Orchids  See details »

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  • 00:00: today we're going to teach you how to make a hand tied bouquet for this bouquet you will need 24 to 26 roses of different sizes you will need white and ivory roses as well as Dendrobium orchids in order to prepare the roses you must cut the stem and put them into lukewarm water overnight this will help
  • 00:30: the head open up and be at its most fullest for this bouquet you will also need a floral knife wire cutting scissors some green floral tape some white tape satin ribbon 24 gauge wire and purl pins begin to prepare the roses by cutting the stem until is 45 to 50 centimeters in length remove all of the
  • 01:03: leaves until the stem is bare we begin assembling the roses by taking the bigger heads and creating the center bigger heads are full and they take up
  • 01:33: space in order to achieve the design you want to put smaller heads in between in a checkered pattern so fill the spaces with smaller heads this is how you will create the center of the bouquet for the outer portion do continue the exact same pattern at a 45 degree angle
  • 02:03: interchanging big and small heads fill up the spaces between the Roses and create a circular pattern if you are using different colored roses
  • 02:36: for example white or red use the checkered pattern as a template when you are finished assembling
  • 03:07: visually see if there are any Corrections that need to be made or any roses that need to be adjusted and then when you are satisfied that all of the gaps are filled and there is no disproportion trim the stamps and seal your bouquet the next step is to prepare the de novo orchids in order to do that
  • 04:02: you will need 24 gauge wire and floral tape take a stem of Dendrobium orchids and rip it off you will need to put the wire through the bottom portion of the orchid and pull it down towards the stem wrap wrap the stem with the floral tape you
  • 04:34: will need to do this for 15 to 20 orchids depending on how many you need for your bouquet continue to put the wire through the head and wrap it with a floral tape to secure it use the buzz as well so that none of the
  • 05:07: flower goes to waste wrap it around the buds and seal with floral tape now that we have completed all of the orchids we are going to insert them into the bouquet between the roses gently
  • 05:38: place them through in the empty spaces between the roses use parts of the stem such as the buds to add an extra line color and of course to not be wasteful continue to insert
  • 06:10: the orchids between the spaces in your bouquet adjust the flowers accordingly to make sure they maintain the round shape after you have finished inserting the orchids you must secure the flowers once again with white floral tape it is
  • 06:42: preferred that you use white floral tape because when you add the silk ribbon on the handle it will not be visible through the ribbon the set it's important to note that you have to cover beneath the rose heads because the wires will be visible from the top of the bouquet you will not see the greenery but from the bottom it will help add support to ensure that the flowers do not break and it will cover all of the
  • 07:15: wires so take a stem of Israeli raska s' cut it into segments and place it against the bottom of your bouquet again this part is important because it
  • 07:45: makes sure that if you were to drop the bouquet the roses will not break secure one once again with white chlorophyll this is to make sure that none of your flowers or leaves come flying out during a ceremony if you want to add a ribbon do so before you wrap the handle this is
  • 08:17: simply to secure the ribbon once more use your flower tape when you wrap the handle it will be firmly secured additionally if you want to add additional decor use pearl pins and
  • 08:47: insert them into the center of your roses now wrap the handle up here okay make sure you do this tightly so tighter you wrap it more secure the stems of your
  • 09:22: flowers will be users to cut the ribbon fold it in so the frayed ends are not visible and use your pro pins to secure it to the handle of your bouquet then when you are done trim the
  • 09:59: remaining stems to length and store it in water in a cool area overnight until you are ready to use it you