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  • 00:00: in ancient times, Slavic children instead of dolls were conventional logs wrapped in rags because toys made by hand not all were pockets today dolls too should not a child because each of them is the result of a long and painstaking work making porcelain dolls It begins not with china and with clay is special sculpture plasticine it is very hard so at the beginning puppeteer kneads it manually
  • 00:31: when the material reaches the desired author plasticity It begins to give his form already at this stage rough work can be seen will look like the next character in the he has the eyes their nose lips eyebrows crashed on clay form with assistance metal Tool someone of the masters used Manicure instruments and some prefer dental the nature of the future
  • 01:01: doll determined position and inclination head here this she obviously will kind and a little naive ready plasticine workpiece placed in plaster as soon as it imprinted form We get impressions plasticine figure it served its on and go for recycling as unnecessary we have now here This plaster mold before it
  • 01:31: need to use to prepare a slurry liquid porcelain its carefully stirred not to lumps and when bubbles necessity diluted with water after that porcelain mass fills in a form dry plaster absorbs creating excess water ceramic hard layer this process takes about two hours ceramic thickness It can be from two to five millimeters too thick Porcelain doll making clumsy and can lead to
  • 02:01: deformation during firing so the surplus shakira pour out upon it ceramic parts dolls sent to image of baked it in special muffle furnace at temperature 1000 190 degrees less one and porcelain will moist and degrees more and can like this cracked or break so thrilled Wait till the position 24 hours and pulled in our
  • 02:32: spiders After firing it darkens and decreases in the amount of approximately 3 depending on such as porcelain Now begins perhaps the most crucial moment painting here on According to the masters doll It is beginning to show character recognizes only the specific color eye shades makeup for painting on porcelain using acrylic pencils or pastels as watercolor
  • 03:03: easel puppeteer uses ceramic tile on it he mixes and dilutes colors achieving the desired range with special carefulness drawn eyes after all, the mirror soul because of dolls According to the masters she and should also have It is pronounced on background dark eyeliner and now the shadows proceed to blush neat feather achieve naturalness lips hold on
  • 03:35: center of the dark line then add slightly glossy rub the shine achieving volume using white pencil create on the face pearl reflections adds that he vitality and naturalness doll's face paint According to the artist possible to infinity something to improve and fixes previous improvement when the limit finally perfection made paint secured
  • 04:06: acrylic lacquer after As it dries porcelain surface it becomes dull Now for Hair is a choice again it remains behind doll and color hairstyle should go without trying not enough as the material use silk thread goat wool fur or even human hair future hair cut into
  • 04:37: little locks and trimmed glued on one start and neck gradually over a number of close curls It covers the entire head and so ready to head arms and legs, too, it is time engaged in the trunk our dolls it rag with metal his spine wring out wire suitable ordinary hangers ready metal frame with head to toe tight
  • 05:08: wrapped synthetic padding then to the body attached porcelain hand-foot and head to the end it turns out here such doll limbs in she ceramic only half so easy to bend in the joints and thus Finn series change the choice will be easy clothing for porcelain Beauty is a silk or ritual he beads and sequins modest shepherdess or great dame
  • 05:39: what image brought before us doll depends the imagination and but the mood of the master and of course the wishes most