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  • 00:00: Hello now I I show you how Here's a tie and I will be able to thread even those who associate just beginning to knit keeps it quickly and easily I can outsole 8 centimeters with him for little for newborns So we begin to
  • 00:30: pinetochki and took baby yarn average thickness and number of spokes 5 then dial 8 loops We will continue to knit
  • 01:00: Garter 22 a number of knitting and shooting knit front row overturn second row we were binding also face So on all rows
  • 01:34: We will knit facial It called Shawl knitting can knit more Once again a number of 22 Garter and so Knit 22 series to us will do air loop is there we shall find here 12 loops and snip overturn thread doing this
  • 02:04: loop and do just 1 February or 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 then we provyazyvaem
  • 02:44: facial loop first therefrom impov an edge welcome petelechki when will strongly not to delay because if there I will not provyazyvat petelechki spokes enter to end with them
  • 03:33: petelechka our we are now on the needles It should turn out and 25 m outsole 8 and 12 that we Air peak in total we It turns 25 imechko Now you prefer Such are the checks such petelechku 8 face so he juice
  • 04:08: It obtained December 10 overhead lines of beads on our sole we still do 12 pieces from this side extract air loops as we overturn thread and make loop and make 2 3 4 5 July 6 eight nine ten
  • 04:40: 1112 Here we know get here you leaf letter then we turn over and knit entirely all loop not provyazyvaem facial begins something the Air completely the whole series we provyazyvaem front
  • 05:10: then panzer so we knit full front row May 5 face and how we make the peak of 12 on 8 and 12 public have
  • 05:42: It turns 32 on loop spoke on we were binding Garter 10 sheets up massage 10 rows in garter matings so to dovyazyvaem
  • 06:22: end of the first ice you're not a bead turn over and knit facial 5 figures as I repeat, we were binding ten rows
  • 06:52: Garter and so Knit 10 rows Garter knit a forms of happened product mention tank you further we We will close the loop All loops close fully 2 together and
  • 07:26: toss to the left needle close to the end all petelechki our product and so We have closed all the loops
  • 07:56: we continue the thread cut off since the clay and Amano should still useful to sew product tighten last petelechku we will continue add up add up thus look on the back . this evolved here
  • 08:26: This party started We left and right pinetochki here it is at We sewed yet him image, or vice versa we will sew first right then the top side on the cross, and it is not so here will look that is, we take with
  • 08:58: you here to this side sides first sound ears and before then we add the same who made before God will have We here such here and thread so start
  • 09:30: and so we will sew first one side and here and add up sew first god and first hand strings fit
  • 10:08: pretty fast than such a complex in they do not have among this side with
  • 10:39: whether the Philippines Now advance were ligated to a moving so we sewed the first part with bokovushechku sole and the front Further well embroider a second portion in the same
  • 11:10: way is the a sign and now we have to sew this side of the sound before so this Now we get shadow. We stand level Kabul sew top at first can
  • 11:52: crocheting who which it was to have it to your notice can complete crochet knit just I show the very essence of it have your imagination work and so embroider until the end soup thread and so we We sewed our pinetochki
  • 12:24: I look at looks already told connect the right the left are overlaps in the on the second side another that is, I'll show you how to do this here here a little pompons need so We need to leave than any other beautify what is
  • 12:54: I'll like it Now will show you how do here this little there I take from the pompons main Cup I cut off a small thread on taking but two fingers finger and frosted a small amount of a thread as a bud anywhere
  • 13:26: crop the then it all remove the case and associate in half and will add up here This cropped nitochek the morning before and slice matt and tightly tighten tying spam at no point
  • 14:01: She collapsed here on the same again more strings coward knitting We leave them for to was already in that will fix more Now we cut to have less of this side and
  • 14:31: Now begins his align the cut Minsk was had rollers dewdrops to cut the bunting aligning our strings than longer throw a wound leopard and topics will be lush and since we aligned our
  • 15:03: pompons who is on will drive further we closed-let using strings hook or needles its in the middle of the ocean enter income and strings cemented our pompons and here we have consolidated pompons here we
  • 15:33: here are turned pretty fast and we easily tied such for newborn baby pinetochki if you like Like come put to my channel all you good