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  • 00:00: but pleased to welcome all lovers embroidery on my Channel the video I I want to dedicate one small but less charming and enigmatic screed will discuss French nodule French knots This refined stitches
  • 00:30: designed to decorate and Complete embroidery accentuate some components it seems these graceful easy point however, the performance It needs a lot effort and patience to acquire skills beautifully laid French knots these wonderful nodules to this ancient day overdue and any decoration embroidery French nodules or panties Frenchman or because their affectionately known embroiderers can be implemented as
  • 01:01: sewing thread and satin ribbons there was a way embroidery French nodules oddly not surprising in France and in China, the French Master and borrowed the Chinese equipment after We saw it on goods imported from merchants China but its name appliances embroidery received due to the large popular names in French needlewomen that actively used it for decoration clothing representatives royal dynasties and courtiers when the traditional
  • 01:32: X will not be add the total pictures realism on help comes French knot he will give the amount emphasize the need parts and will place emphasis on embroidery this stitch is popular for small embroidery details such heart-to-colors the eyes of people and animals inscriptions dependence on factors such as number of filaments or belt width and thread tension and number of turns around needle French knots obtained different the size of the larger
  • 02:02: the larger entanglement it turns knot In addition to flowers French often used to create the effect of perspective on big pictures the bulk of the sea of clouds or trees also created whole pictures only French knots let's move on to the you to the technique the seam course for to get ideal French knot you need a little patience and practice perform a dozen such nodules and understand the principle of
  • 02:32: actions and will twist and almost eyes closed for implementation of this stitch take embroidery needle sharp end first just attach the fabric on the hoop or frame she must be tight and you should be free both hands securing no on the wrong side derive the needle on the front side in the place where will settle French knot do one or several orbit We derive the needle on inside out as much as possible closer to the point of which was derived
  • 03:02: Our needle accurately so do with me 2 nodule deduce a needle from the wrong sides holding thread do two or three We enter into circulation closest to the hole our previous holes and stretches holding our the most important thread the execution of the node is hold the thread the left hand to your entanglement around the needles were
  • 03:32: very tightly stretched but not overdo it stretch or your nodule or stretch it the wrong side any needle at all not pass through entanglement also when performing this stitch be careful to your needle was perpendicular your team that is not when you enter a needle with entanglement be careful to was checked perpendicular your strands of your cloth then you will be very neat and smooth
  • 04:02: French knot perform French knot can be any number of threads if it is a small outline what you can take one thread if it is more tight big holes then you can take more number of filaments so as always in the scheme Unknown how many threads must be made French I have a knot in the example also I use two strings but I'm doing a few first RPM 2
  • 04:32: then three and then 4 to show you to what extent plump chubby high obtained French knot depending on the the number of revolutions made on a needle in this case I I perform French random nodules order is no no scheme it simply to show you how I do French uzelochki Now I'll show you like this we all get over here this is our 4 turns
  • 05:02: strings but it's in our two thread turnover go from here they are with us turned and now I will show off the shelf that was clearly seen and here we see that the height of our French Veselkov different here we used two strings here we used 4 four strings turnover in the needles I'm sorry, and here we used three turnover on a needle as you can see the difference noticeable seen like this
  • 05:32: I'm doing French knot if you still something is not He was told you do not understand ask your issues comments with happy to answer Thank you all very much for the attention that inspected this video until the end of all flat crosses and to new meetings