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Knitting by a hook. Bootee MK hook (part 3) of Crochet. Crocheted sandals.  See details »

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  • 00:00: tied with 6 columns Now one sc knit 2 column with sc together to behold Look at this place here, too, we count as 1 2 3 4 5 6 This is to the loop will provyazyvat two column one sc together as knit of the two walls here the old column to
  • 00:39: the end of finishing knit two columns but also to the credit
  • 01:13: So I dovyazala two column together now just knit 6 columns with one nakida for both walls I wanted more say this when hereinafter appear on July 6 bars, etc. number of columns
  • 01:46: You can also change maybe you krevetochki will podlinshe or in shorter absolutely does not matter would you say 7 or six columns it is important to quantity It was equal to two sides and already there is much You want a column in principle can choose themselves well here we dovyazali number to
  • 02:19: the end of We do 3 air loop for lifting we develop our baby's bootees face him and knit next row Now we will Knit 6 with bars one sc and then
  • 02:50: Lacombe as you can see here are our pillars knit and now We reckon with this at the bars here too, and to all remaining sts provyazyvayu together Look sc 1
  • 03:20: 2 sc sc 3 see clear even sc do and here we have to hook a lot of loops and now making a loop and provyazyvaem
  • 03:50: and always do a Air as a loop I would vershinku well, then we dovyazyvaem our 6 bars with one sc so that people have obtained a look
  • 04:24: Now that we it turned out to pinetochki we already It began as a shoe here and turned neat nose but left his sew and will have I also sew no one at all advised to chew needle and cotton because when we knit we still
  • 04:55: Knitten things fixed and if you sew with a needle thread then you I get a tight seal Now, we do not advise turn on seamy side of our booties and Now we will connecting our two half-column without doing sc one air loop add up the halves
  • 05:26: our next and a hook so here connect connected OK So we take the strings
  • 06:01: It makes the first working loop undergirding we column, without sc and will knit straight here and so the circle just a circle in each loop difficulty arises only binds and nose but because he We connected from column one So I sc consolidated
  • 06:34: loop and is now on circle will write in What does this feature to remember that here we for example bar sc each column with sc this we will have two column, without sc that is, we each column with sc binds exactly two
  • 07:05: columns, without sc no more, no less look right along stenochki binds one loop will do in the place where we seam and then each column is 2
  • 07:37: column, without sc if you make more that you ever we will continue to knit too wide baht take points therefore use sure here when we undergirding because here I am bound
  • 08:12: from column 2 and like I have another loop but we have it do not breed all Now we go on circle knit booties for our circle when we come to
  • 08:43: our nose up we will have one loop in the corner here here the loops I they even now show as our threads of these loops we also not just provyazyvaem they miss here
  • 09:14: one loop and second, we deeply provyazyvaem all the rest we were binding on circle is our number 2 that is, the first row we knitting my knitting tip our second now I first cottage dovyazyvaem 2 years we We will knit and skip the corners one eyelet
  • 09:45: here is a small nuance that will make our loops our booties more neat so here is a look I
  • 10:21: dovyazala first row I connect all business 1 air loop for lifting knit one loop the loop which we have labeled light green thread I I miss and immediately I see the next and so round
  • 10:58: to our next strings Now here I dovyazala until the next strings again in a loop which we do not have. we miss and knit immediately following
  • 11:29: loop is we a second series of The following rows we We will knit with just circle binds nowhere subtracting never adds simply elm knit in height as rows as we need let's
  • 12:03: independently from then on associate never adds nowhere subtracting