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Green borsch - the Secret of preparation of tasty borsch (Oxalic soup) - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: Good afternoon today we cook green soup what products we need take the pot in
  • 00:38: which we will I take cooking five-liter and put the meat back It means a secret green borscht soup is preparing to double meat of turkey and beef or turkey and pork but taken no pork and beef and the tongue or pork or beef broth turkey + language obtained incredibly delicious Try this secret green borscht I
  • 01:08: I understand that you can put any meat what you have but if you constantly bring down the green address Try Now such as in the recipe me I think you like take a turkey leg laying in pot and two language Today I have two pigs and see al but little can be take 2 0 same one that there is sold in the shop necessarily one morkovochku and one mitten we cover it all Cover and put on fire to fall our soup until
  • 01:38: cooked our soup Both need to cut vegetables Cut the potatoes and eggs already cooked in culture cut squares cubes as you like finely average Not really here is how someone like there and I will cut onions still need good so it does not wash It had no land not Sands cut here These here are the best thick tails and cut somewhere here so that's stripes like this add up obtained here are dlinnenkie
  • 02:08: stripes just such if the thickness chop It is simply fatter It is not very convenient but you can have a sword and you can take canned or dome nor show mercy to a keep in mind that concentrate increased just a little more than he he It will sour and little do not because he keep in a bank but keep this in mind You can take the course he mail with delicious fresh lever broth boil decrease slightly fire and the need to salt add salt to taste and add salt and pepper
  • 02:38: what you have at home the broth itself, our We are ready to take out the broth lamb and hook it to us You are no longer needed and can be throw and carrot too, but we do not need who love carrots can crumble cute and park in our Well, I just do not I like the green tower hand so I clean take out the meat of it It should cool down and you need to cut your means about language see here these here all these points here
  • 03:09: Now they need to be cut when the sharp-tongued they need just now and so thinly will not cut them Cut meat on slices of all that language is not here very beautiful their tactics Polyushko should be cut and removed our leg it should cool down and we We need to disassemble I cleaned my axis language and cut sliced ​​who loves larger one and nothing cut as you as you like delicious cut weight
  • 03:39: tongue cut from the legs here and so all the meat here and so all sides cut off meat We need to change all the bones of minimize them to left and cut into pieces made turkey and all spread in Now a plate take potatoes Now potatoes we spread our soup broth was very delicious onion and carrot combined
  • 04:09: meat broth delicious tender taste good We put the company and lay out the meat and again set on fire and look forward to our potato welded when our potatoes I have welded add chopped eggs and add sorrel still needs simmer minutes ten to and can be collapsed off itself Our soup is ready here this soup we
  • 04:40: I turned at will can add cream that's how I hit and trotted and some herbs I am today used dill Yanovo appetite think You'll like it thanks for today been with me thank you subscribe to that my feed who pleasant place Like this kind