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Why fish the silly woman pecks on polyfoam  See details »



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  • 00:00: friends this video I I will pierce to those who are first time I went to my channel the first time I see not for subscribers just for those who have not know what fishing foam just like to advertising so to speak channel once smiles is please suffered 30 seconds it will be 7 shows a front saw that hi
  • 00:32: So we continue to in details analyze how Our work gear for fishing Styrofoam which designed exclusively for catching big fish anywise to that achieved for miracle happens Why was the fish watering our fishing tackle let's try continue understand this then look here it about It looks abandoned but as only here
  • 01:01: no porridge is like brother bath water we We see how this is all The game is which currently fry you initially raid it at all this mess start or there Rostov suitable range of large amazing fish statue small particles it means trying breakfast and grief porridge and That's how our work
  • 01:31: calmly say which among so rowan that he, as the valve working party details considered taking the largest hook look like this arranged this one He is the hook I must be on their teams so that there sticks up to and let out at the slightest movement It means water in it flow of at least so lifting
  • 02:00: Colin Our example on continue like oblez begin swamp it happens there's fish comes when you toad missing report this water quenched it across the river releases through the gills and the including the spinal hook actually paid it becomes valve who comes to does not get out
  • 02:30: Of course weeping naturally and do not care about our pinnacle from but I would be It happens that way and remove at this I would like to consider office to the next detail is the fact that already This year's Rod which allows hook without a degree if such freedom It is short then without a leash
  • 03:01: Rod tickets here are made of then it means a strong the degree of freedom will less fish figurines alert and when you got then it means bought greater freedom allow deeper swallow this very hook such cores happening bite all the best to you good luck