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  • 00:00: Now I'll show you how I I do mortise Collar at reception order zakazchitsa still here She went looking for a contoured We are talking collar carved articles yet but I already I can do patterns in his jacket paper make on zakazchitsu sum it to the mirror and show you a want to a collar shape a width such height
  • 00:30: little corners such as and there may be other may be above or below wider or narrower meaning draw a shawl collar to start with shawl collar initial little collar it is a pity that you can draw from this Schalke collar call sparrows like English collar a little tourism collar collar
  • 01:00: Apache that can change any of these collars Look I put on zakazchitsu she says they read he asked he and the other says I want it so We do like that so then It has the same other collar configuration and there may be
  • 01:30: make lower it can be more to do just here let's Corner 1 let's talk about That's how I want to do that is, change is already to collar when you application It can be done and should be do together zakazchitsa and then when she have ready products you it curves to make
  • 02:01: one will coincide with the you have drawn together same collar w. on the run can be curly yes it's the same most page only rounded tip collars away millions and I I show the principle of how to do this for need before you infected with plague
  • 02:31: customer displays notch depth that is, if it is jackets coats where side converge Now this point of any yet if the man this dress means that same for the quality of always show how deep it husband waters. here means that the barrel You are measured by jugular depression here
  • 03:01: this distance is not her husband and even and the little things again genuine depression here so let's say that's how he dohera Here the distance Now this point measure and record and ordered it to note himself to take a centimeter and sleep a centimeter
  • 03:32: But on this point, We will remove the shower well Here the distance and now I will to explain to you standing on the way back better would be clearer then pick up a pencil hand like this way to put thumb on pencil turn that's how it is bent then do not like this hand
  • 04:03: keep but so elbow fold here elbow and use his hand as a compasses but this way draw Look, I'm standing on one place shoulder and body anywhere It does not tilt on one place like this if I how to take advantage of compass hand will bow
  • 04:33: and the arc and we do not need you need to take a pencil and try to draw a straight line but you understand that a straight line is not but I will I try to spend a straight line here this lady and you need it and not straight and not
  • 05:04: semicircle but then when I stand in one Keep your shoulders position I hold hands and work but only hand I try to spend straight line I try to spend line can be several avatars spend well that they turned about same here this line and need more time to I'm not straight and not
  • 05:42: semicircular but it is that which We need now to this line doing here this distance note is half necks prospective
  • 06:12: neck means Right on the left you can I left to make sure because each its already say especially now zemlyanichku here you can construct a right angle But to this line a right angle is collar width
  • 06:42: behind 7-9 centimeters here Hypo warrior and then draw on the collar configuration but you should start here share then fold here I write fold fold in the collar must be 90 degrees and in this corner must be 90 degrees today
  • 07:13: I will show on why paper exactly 90 but in order to then pick It unfolds tear that there was just my husband not to It was at such an angle or vice versa deflection any So this one Now the collar I will lower down now and I will continue to do
  • 07:47: commit any completely collar Basically you can even to make just such a Here a workpiece workpiece at all all occasions customers at all on all styles of collars it also changed very easy if you It takes less Here the distance neck half It can always be right here to finish and if
  • 08:17: shorter it is always possible bend circle the proportion of catch is important here on this line here her once in a lifetime you can draw do here is patterns and use it pulled quickly Chick in the roofing line configuration made and put on zakazchitsu for it is already possible paint is not enough paper glue here the pencil and glue next cast piece
  • 08:48: drew exactly the the form of which it wants So I cut out option which He is drawing on the blackboard Idrisov go to war in order to show here must be rovnenko and below must be rovnenko double cut completely Optional I
  • 09:18: you best Monstration now! 4 show get Swiveling rack pulled maybe it should be. configuration more clearly
  • 10:02: I repeat double well water halves or means 3 cm bend means took here 89 centimeters to 30 meters make like that to mid keep hand bring to zakazchitsu mirror and show
  • 10:32: configuration wants It's neck or narrower I already spoken about this and Now it obvozhu patterns to another piece of paper Now I can already repulsed to draw on the page page until you read the Area
  • 11:05: higher mean and de Sully higher here wider, narrower draw just me I peel off the paper from the Well, let's now! I will show you how to do zakazchitsa certainly not
  • 11:35: slaughter say it to me
  • 12:11: I want to say this one Corner higher and higher and I is not missing that make cry pencil measure paper and glue Now we had 200
  • 12:43: let's say we choose she wants and even the direction of the corner He wants to change here so she wants and It can here such as Here is a fact there is configuration of length this corner of this very Area may be it Now the team wants Make narrower came that is, choose it
  • 13:18: We can be directly outline cut it until it will record what It happened and can be yet to come its time to translate the other paper in the another configuration do the same paper you can quickly run
  • 13:48: with a collar and then will not be ordered it no concerns regarding collar because the collar is finishing the product detail is that detail which falls look first all correspond to the proportions this collar figure whether it is wide it does not whether narrow that is, we the few we can give
  • 14:19: definition definition of what but the proportion of our eye I see here that something is not right it is the proportion here comes the this collar figure this thing or not Here is this we are very can clearly identify and zakazchitsa each a woman knows that she goes and what does not go let's say the collar of the same
  • 14:51: collars Apache immediately collar if the woman nature and playful will playful the collar is higher in mothers maybe I would here
  • 15:21: More Post Add would I pasted Masha cut off
  • 15:53: has been poured configuration collar changed but if a woman such a drooping shoulders such a sad sight here such by nature I told him people never
  • 16:23: I will not do Collar with lowered corners down because that it is even lower, as it were press down perky this collar is not will such a woman neutral means some to be position of some form neutral collar should be and you for the quality of You see for the first time eg you do not know which it is by nature but she knows it
  • 16:53: as you like it tell sure the shape of the spring