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  • 00:00: answer the woman's question that the cash wear a little black dress is Fashion is time I make it age and can be for half an hour What is the secret of the little black Dress is certainly elegant and simple ambassador floor adjacent villages that emphasizes figure the actual topic sleeve 7 Today, a large company nak this dress classic fashion fabric for the dress choose all the rules of the great Coco Chanel for such dresses use
  • 00:30: Knitted wool so we also did not We will depart from tradition and will take knitwear such fabric It should be good to keep the shape of the Korean left kia smooth to the touch because it will not be take the mote starts shouting We add up the meters of fabric in half and We are putting Maikop engineer smiles should be sufficiently broad shoulders and high neck this May which should grow by 5 cents but this will be our board the sailors
  • 01:00: some structures were not shelving 60 cm is the classic length dress holds the line low in Ryazan ask side bricks came from beginning on the machine then she returned kim because the dress might have hoped from Golovin this needs to be done buckle for this but I know what insists on depth 10 centimeters
  • 01:32: signed the day before just such a piece with Given fasteners Card Ryazan million shift the neck and sew instead of making it two mk 2 dinar rectangle 60 Pishchulin 20 centimeters add them measuring 1 arranged we transfer her arms wildly
  • 02:00: cut off the excess of all this We are experiencing sleeves process the sleeves and hem dresses Nadia rock to gently township them we do tuck and so all my one stitching handed and now is the loss of an eye Donald his little black dress its not an option for anyone
  • 02:31: with a cape poncho for every day one large decoration and some sort of evening dress Panova changes must one has only to think of an excuse to clinic miner Vladimir Boukreev first channel