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  • 00:00: all right so I'm going to show you how to thread the beads onto the yarn which when we're knitting with beads like I'm going to show you today is what we need to do there are other ways of knitting with beads but to me this is the neatest and the easiest so the beads that we have you'll be able to see if you have them these are Mill Hill pebble beads and when you look at the hole in the bead it's quite large and I purposely stock these beads simply because if
  • 00:30: you're going to knit with them you really want to be able to get at least an 8 ply or DK weight yarn through the bead so what I've then done I've just got a small dining needle and I've used the needle that's got the biggest eye but that will also fit through the holes in the beads so that's the needle that I've chosen now we have to thread the yarn onto the needle now the easiest way to do this is to fold it tightly over
  • 01:00: where the eye of the needle is and then push the fold through the eye and there you have it and then simply a process of getting the beads on you can do two or three at a time but four at a time doesn't really matter then once you've got those on you just simply slide them down the yarn of course if you're knitting with hundreds
  • 01:31: of beads this is going to take quite a long time but in our case not so long so once they're onto the yarn we can just pull them right down out of our way so that we've got free yarn up here to knit with and then you'll see in the next part of the video how to use these beads in your actual knitting ok so here I'm onto the second side of the bag and I'm
  • 02:01: up to a bead row now and I'm going to show you how to slip a bead now we've got all of our beads already strung to the eye and what we do is we just need to cross to the place where it tells us to slip a bead so in my case I have to knit five stitches two three four five all right now it's time for me
  • 02:32: to slip a bead so what I do is I bring the yarn forward as if to purl and then I slip a stitch purlwise then I pull my bead up to the work so I pull it right up to the work and what I do is I use my left hand to sort of push it very tightly onto the work and then I pull the yarn round back in the knit position
  • 03:03: again ready to knit my next stitch knit one okay next bead yarn forward slip purl wise move the bead right up to the work tightly and then pull that yarn around back and hold it keep keep the tension on the yarn so that it doesn't let the beads slip back okay another bead forward slip purl wise move the bead up to the work hold it
  • 03:40: tightly in place knit one another bead forward slip purl wise slide the bead up hold the tension knit one and I've just got one more bead to do forward slip purl wise move my bead up hold it tight and pull the yarn back and in my case
  • 04:15: knit to the end two three four five whoops okay so there you can see that last row we have the five beads that we placed looking pretty nice in our diamond shape okay now just turn around to pull back and I'll just show you where you can potentially run into a
  • 04:47: problem if you're not careful when you're knitting pass where the bead is on the other side of the work okay so I'm just going to purl nearly up to where the first beat is alright so I'm up to where the first
  • 05:17: beat is you can sort of see it there just on the other side now there is the potential for it to come to the back of the work if I'm not too careful I could let it go to the back of the work like that and purl which would obviously not be good so you've just got to sort of make sure that it stays in the front as you put your needle into purl and then wrap the yarn around once you've actually pulled the stitch that the bead will be set in its place on the other side of the work so it's just to be careful as you're actually knitting the
  • 05:49: stitch and you can use your left finger there if you like to sort of hold the purl hold the bead sorry in the front while you finish purling the stitch purl one and then just put one more just finish peeling across then we'll have a look at
  • 06:24: the other side last one so there we go after the next row of pearl there you can sort of see that it sets them in their place a little bit better and there you have it fairly simple