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  • 00:00: the arrival of Al Jazeera and in this video, we'll once again Both speak the same comments helpful applets using the percentage of free program where you can leave knowing so Paul told the media removed so Now that is a tautology but nothing turns friends I think I understand percent This program is called in analogy that is, using it will be able to remove the sea
  • 00:32: table file so that we constantly it prevents the action for various reasons we have delete any mistakes what is failures of may be something wrong there clocked Market We have removed as they say there is one supposed introduced steam disintegration of the visa because that was removed, and so on then there is confused the reasons for this are many and here this will help us to handle this and programm on the download link I give you
  • 01:00: less so in the video but now let's beat but this Program and read it more so to say actions let's move Omarova confused Well this program I have installed it calls became oblogin that is, you download do not even anything there difficult to recover very fast let's let's face value
  • 01:31: Here she takes immediate review of the plan and Dad that is, and then we specify what I know that we need so ck that is, and what we like grandmother did not deleted a file that we have not deleted that is, we are not looking for it or remove Noam well that is really need us pretty bored all confused will intervene but let us
  • 02:00: a real example see how can hit I delete files army's special price style parent because he felt that while the the game program from the attack that still get rid of it we constantly he did not answer yes here and Now finally I have removed as well, as it turned out that he I lost deleted true spendthrift
  • 02:30: He even left a daddy not to deleted He held a round ps I wrote video tutorials in the sun and it turned out that I have a video in general on According to the newspaper sun matter turned Samruk here and its people just remake Well, in principle, yes daddy was defeated Magadan yes so called google project there I told the city's system
  • 03:01: price so happened that daddy is not deleted recognized that not found as if not found but we can see even in principle, here we have it does not remove nature l yes see all exactly could not find village elements give Medvedev earlier this yes that's left kidney Now we will check how the program of work
  • 03:30: will help choose sell copies interest Knightley blocking screen then ie nothing is blocking the the program as it is not so there you have such trees when that block further but it is still a program is not removed we will continue to write that but blog can help you cope with these objects these actions are you today want to swim oh please delete move for renaming
  • 04:01: but because I want to remove such choosing to remove the hedgehog flour all objects below great let's check not called Papa Costa that is, so here are just friends we can contact you purify our personal PC from various not need He attacked a stick or prices will not clog alta only there is no
  • 04:31: waste because Of course all this is accumulated and the only prevents us to work comfortably I hope this video, we were useful dear friends and to new meetings