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  • 00:00: Hello welcome all to its channel all lovers of knitting handicrafts and so on today we are with you Here's a look at interesting uzorchik it is called Waffle pattern so it is very easy It looks from the front hand so he It appears on the reverse rapport pattern is we have five loops in width and 6 ranks high the rest is all repetition in general
  • 00:30: for this sample I I gained 26 loops even for the pattern dialed loop the number of which equal to a multiple of 4 plus 5 edge loops 24 d for symmetry and 2 loop or edge simply put the number of loops fold 5 + 65 and thus way forward loop so on spokes scored 26 loops
  • 01:02: Knit the first row 1 bead and shoot knit face 4 1 2 3 4 May but rented the rear thread like this manner again 4 facial 1 2 3 4 shooting the rear thread fifth
  • 01:36: loop and knit more one two three and so on April 5 then to the end of the series remove and end of the series as in the beginning we have 4 facial latest Wrong's loop we are knit
  • 02:07: first row We proceed to the second a second series of very very simple All loops will knit purl and so 1 remove knit purl loops to end of the series begin to the third row number 3 It fits easily in the same as the first ie remove first distal edge knit face 4 1 2 3 4 May
  • 02:37: remove the rear thread and so on time two three May 4 remove and etc end of the series, as always
  • 03:08: Wrong loop is we tied the third row overturn crochet and knit fourth row backing again purl loops We proceed to the fifth a number of the fifth row in the same 1 and 3 as the tally similarly ie remove first loop knit 4 remove facial fifth
  • 03:38: loop for the back thread and so on familiar all as well as in the first and third row here we are with you
  • 04:13: Knit the first row that is obtained from We first 3 and 5 series so the same sixth row fit Now in such a way first shoot and knit face 4 1 2 3 4 Wrong 4 facial 1 2 3 4 4 purl facial and so knit up
  • 04:43: end of the series latest Wrong overturn knitting and now repeat with all
  • 05:14: the first row now we will again the first row remove an edge 4 knit facial 1 I rented and so on all already familiar to you then Now we go there only just repetition are 6 number of coils inclusive here is a pattern in our
  • 05:54: eventually turned to so you uzorchikami very nice and knitting children's clothes such as the following Video I want you show how to fit blouse for baby Here such unpretentious waffle pattern I hope you pleased with you Victoria was to until we meet again till