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Recipe of cabbage pie. Fast cabbage pie. Very tasty.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends gardeners and she with you today I met again a bustling and as always I am today I want to offer you something tasty I received a brooch ZAZ how to make cucumber here I and today I want to tell you offer fast pie that this we will need need stuffing for stuffing, I made from cabbage cabbage
  • 00:33: first I overcook then bow to added cabbage note cabbage me lies Now suddenly varnishes then to a She flew down to see excess fluid to she does not have I fell into the dough I need to test 4 eggs cup sour cream beaker 150 grams and 200 grams mayonnaise look I carefully
  • 01:03: I am ready now I take the cake at first I smash eggs 4 bowl break 4 eggs I yolks yellow and eggs because we you about dinner spiers you can whip up mixer you can whip up whisk then I go add 200 grams
  • 01:40: mayonnaise mayonnaise can be any which you have the cheapest. add mayonnaise many continue whisk whisk have to do mixer well as the love days make this river because for a long time it is not necessary to shake up the most important thing Mix the eggs change then I add
  • 02:10: 150 gram of cream sour Smith will be love but I took the cream fat 20 patients to each thick and dough on clay for tastier here so put sour cream continue whisking whisk whisk that was not lumps definitively Now mix this
  • 02:40: mash egg mayonnaise and sour cream then I add baking powder baking powder, and the gap I add here a small bag somewhere about teaspoon baking powder adding baking powder to the court not desirable add baking powder it somehow softer dough delicious stir again all shaken here
  • 03:10: so then I add flour dough test structure depends on quality flour so if flour higher quality is course and leaves less if the flour very high quality like that night I I use the Max Day minds are now look flour and necessarily sift here I am in my device
  • 03:41: it is very convenient this cup presses and flour sift more again continue I will stir then show how should turn on density as fritters in total, flour I gone somewhere here this pear before It has almost always
  • 04:11: sifting because the dough is enriched oxygen and dough it turns over Overhead a delicate, you see what should turn the dough look on density Here we have this get dough the dough is ready to see
  • 04:42: the dough is done quickly immediately ready to burn on lubricates its shape vegetable oil for that I use very comfortable here a silicone brush do not regret how to butter all stenochki bottom of all
  • 05:13: meanings viewed Now we divide the dough as it were into two parts here, so I take and start I portions lay this dough evenly because we still You will need the dough to cover both husband, then you can spoon to make here
  • 05:43: this operation like I'm going to you can do here a spatula soaked in water then I have here so gently dough distributed throughout the the surface of the pan to the bottom of it was me all of you all the hidden Baptists so not neatly slowly we distribute because as
  • 06:15: I evenly carefully all distributed test Now are we doing for filling I want to say that this one's cake than I do not like stuffing it can be any may be sausage it can be ham cabbage apples anything to love your home you can put the filling
  • 06:45: now look I take careful we so sorry I spoon maybe I I run and spread filling the liquid in I have a glass we love with cabbage cabbage pie so I like this put filling glue otherwise I do not regret because Well, how we would love to
  • 07:16: I cabbage distributed stuffing cabbage left me leg does not matter like this and then we put the remaining dough top of the filling the remaining dough
  • 07:59: again take skovorodochku and even so nothing wrong if it's so mixed with cabbage nothing terrible because all will still be tasty pastry upset in the oven and all will be very so delicious that is, something here recalls how would ball about vodka so the same thing here so take background turned out here such
  • 08:29: we are now a thing I did I put in the oven that your cake We turn on the oven Half an hour somewhere will be approximately oven at 180 degrees today a short time I am with you as I will be saying goodbye I will ready pie necessarily show while here and gone half an hour, and our cake
  • 09:03: ready look a fresh-faced beautiful and what fragrance from him it just comes that the look how beautiful and appetizing I you all I have fun appetite and enjoyable tea goodbye yet until we meet again