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  • 00:06: hello today we talk about garters and pasynkovaniya tomatoes come just in time tomatoes grown and So he has bent all tomorrow it can not be mislaid I for garters apply ordinary paper twine cut the twine 30 centimeters approximately no longer need and
  • 00:30: tie look under the sheet, and Piglet to do not the end of the tightening why it is necessary because that the tomato through two or three weeks he will be here this thick and if we Tighten the close he prizhmesh and we We lose the harvest of tied but he is here at the bottom of the free growing stepson see here is one
  • 01:00: stepson's second stepson I'm leaving one Pasay second later Boiler and we do not need now here the girls who called themselves kettles call yourself such teacher at the end of all that's tomato it's dangerous side shoot that has all the qualities and properties here this tomatoes if you even It will be left the same tomatoes that taste is not that
  • 01:30: quality on if you this but stepson a little more to grow see here Now this approach is here it is reminiscent of the tomato you buy for example here Now this market is if you do break off This 300 key and It was free to grow if you do break off the stepson to put in ground pour 3-4 the day you will have
  • 02:01: roots independent and the end of the week you have it You can dig and plant already as New tomato so if all of a sudden here you are bought tomato 1 or you someone there treated take tomato you take it empty and let you these are passing little regrowing then broken and You will have plenty tomatoes of the same varieties they easily they are taken up very easy accepted But if you even take Now put the stem
  • 02:30: hour to land it just falls lie down week it from the board will not allow roots but it's on could but leave it at We will have 2 just the trunk was the question that then let tomato in two or three trunk to two to three barrel here see it here statement under the blackbird 0 Christmas tree but now is not that's enough, let's We spend another rope and then grows from Here we are now We tie up so do freedom is like this
  • 03:06: Now all he nowhere falls not break off and so especially tomato for you to leave not pristine oblo me breaking of tie up anything here see the bottom here it breaks off sheet It is no longer needed stepson then here they are parcels went well bottom we like deal reserve in the second the trunk and the sending and gradually do not regret
  • 03:30: if you will be more that is, they leave to release larger they have to be heavier break off and sorry be sure what feel the tops unbutton fruit will will grow bo2 you green and tomato will begin to fall off Here's what they have and will tie They will fall off we now consider Here sheet sheet fell land means it or need to nip off that it does not land I took out or break off
  • 04:01: Why does getting water falling on the sheet firstly burns him from the sun Second microbes here These spores of Phytophthora falling on the wet leaf they immediately sprout that's you and Phytophthora fight this way watering Do not wet the stem when you are watering and do not water the leaves that is, you all It should be dry
  • 04:30: war there just shells It is another matter and Now when watering Do not wet the leaves power should be dry word ass dry and so here I am I want to show here undersized tomatoes that is, that's where we watched tall tomatoes here undersized tomatoes Look, he immediately It gives at some stage 2 to the barrel 2 so trunk Look here if Two Smoking Barrels I have already
  • 05:00: go is enough hence the bottom all stepchildren we not to break creating here a lot green thickets to us absolutely to and that's what tie again see also times petelechku experience can here even tie a rope and that's not even necessary drag away draw it anywhere It will not get nowhere
  • 05:30: falls and as As tomato growing up we again as Mulerman tanks and tie chip time here tall tomatoes very carefully and Now look at it It turns two times Three six April 5 after 7 sheet only appeared tomato means the next will be well at least through sheets in five then here's brush will continue to be here brush here and there
  • 06:00: higher omitting the stem 2 here stems 2 have already get here grow and brush It appears somewhere here in the gap between Now these through the floor meters and then this turn after 25 cm let them but the stem 3 You will then need break down the leaves mandatory leaves Now let's corridor for this stems then you will
  • 06:31: ie tomatoes leaving on the posture we so wish Two Smoking Barrels when we we do just increase quantity Heal the harvest from the same stem Curia We have a lower long high nutrients He picks up a lot of it to feed any stem and 2 and 3, even here Tomatoes sitting rare who, if the frequency given in one stalk I grow
  • 07:00: specifically here tomato sit through it is so if that's there's a will little green more on each other do not lean air will walk What do we conclude that we leave stepchildren but no more two or three Thus, we increasing crop but if we spare and leave more in sun we grow tops so well, it's all I want you
  • 07:30: say this about garter pro pasynkovanie well let's continue see you next video in which tell about dressing and tomatoes because it big topic conversation and quickly at once guilt say impossible to goodbye