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  • 00:00: Today I will tell I do these beautiful jars they think you like and why I do so here I was doing to nice to at other nicely Watch that they do not rusted not spoiled lungs were in it To make it nicely why I have them I keep them from what I do I buy for beans I buy peas and here are just a bank I do not then I throw them
  • 00:31: stored tails Miscellaneous pieces these I have kept that shears I have dried up work It can be delivered pencil and brush you can think of and here they put to no avail, they are not constantly something These jars reminded but nevertheless they are not shame if someone I see this jar you I will pleasant it is something and put you
  • 01:00: tell you how I and do you like it too make What do I We need to push this jar neat jar I take a piece of the same Beauty for some Figures cut adhesive and is such a bottle and make sure
  • 01:30: can make easier for someone but decoupage I believe that all the same buy it art must be able to well choose color and dota professional I do not like I want professionals to do something beautifully simple easy and not spent a single penny decoupage is still expensive especially in the current time and so I practice I can will be on will be in a little later When I learn something beauty can do
  • 02:00: It means that I take this black sheet of paper is not so that it is not so especially need supply generated background on a black background drawing seems to me will stand you can create a better background red yellow I will create a black background here I Double-sided tape glued wrap jar in the ribbon in the
  • 02:30: then striped I cut out some ornament or some something that does not like already see the beauty here such here risunochki this magazine possible with postcards do well, I took here so the two circles I cut and now that I make them I Nakle on the jar I will stick ordinary glue and so
  • 03:08: see one and on the other hand side can be the one hand but I also want to porridge that was beautiful and the rear of the front interesting bouquets
  • 03:31: the way it bunches ribbons manual Photo work someone nicely can embroider ribbons then I will do then then I I take a bottle of milk too, I it washed of course there and cut a lot of what I cut out here and so on height just slightly above than my This jar cut out
  • 04:05: Answer the tip It means I have video amazing properties that plastic bottles and Now I have these properties here will apply it is out of the bottle milk than it is good flat nothing then we must not cut anything here so everything remains It will be very good see how some
  • 04:30: bedplate good everywhere I'll show you bedplate very good and Now I will insert in the bottle can neatly it is necessary to make a notch slightly with glass to easily insert you're not on the skoda malyunok some asm this place paper on it all I came now I'm going to kitchen and remind you as it is done in
  • 05:01: Within literally a well perhaps half or two moment, I do such beauty that You can wash bathe nothing is lost there are literally some few minutes jar will be view I will tell you of course Decoupage is a class but it is too cheap and fast practical and nice the water was boiling in I'm boiling water
  • 05:30: I omit jar ideas plastic or bullets or PE bottles for which the answer is yes, I did a video You can see the is boiling water gradually covered bath
  • 06:06: Now I will conquer It is all about grabbing bottom of a tank in marginalia have all literally rolled Now here's a little just a little bit more from above Appin who keep the site that someone can have it is very hot kipyatochek course it a serious matter
  • 06:39: Well all that I now do I have now put jar and so bottomed version and you Believe. on the bottom and put to it I was rovnenko Now it is done in boiling water I did so here on the table some quite that you have to In order for this bedplate and rovnenko
  • 07:01: standing Varum I I was just smoothing I came up and here it is in another way to come up with I'm here for nothing Do not cut off cut out it all turns Only because all the product is ready you Take us there all the force certainly still let the recession has because it is necessary to rub that for me than this video until it has cooled down it is necessary to equalize