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  • 00:00: Hello again with I'm you Irina scandal to I noticed that many I liked my lessons as far as possible will continue also noticed that not everyone understood how make a smooth animation like this Now we are this
  • 00:31: disassemble so that we have here so here was the rose moving and a little bit brisk the picture is like this ray that runs through our pictures lighting so, let's begin so we opened
  • 01:13: I chose the picture Here's what I see here: rose and click on keyboard control & g buttons simultaneously we get one more copy press more time control jay here we have three copies of our card we close fucking bottom and top layer now I rename this we will have a background this we will have 1
  • 01:44: this we will have two so that we get confused and so we stand on layer 1 and any convenient for you instrument highlighting our rose I took tool fast allotment here is a picture uncomplicated enough such that you are so direct to us
  • 02:15: especially and the allocation is not we need enough that's it on the keyboard that is we turn necessarily in tool displacement tool travel costs on layer one on keyboard we click the option here there are arrows
  • 02:45: for example I click on layer 1 2 clicks pour in not taking pictures in the office I'm opening classic on basis 2 I take it off close the eye on Layer 1 is the same thing on keyboard but the arrows the opposite side twice click the right
  • 03:15: 1 2 now you can selection deselect as we see a rose in we began to move what can be done on this rose can be make a glare take the middle tones in depending on your pictures we take diameter very small not need a very large too, but let's say here I have a picture
  • 03:46: size 640 by 426 but here 96 we remove the change on 72 width we put 600 behold and those places that we would like to clarify with Account that here as if some places we already have bright places this further highlight
  • 04:16: and here student of the father do not need this much quite we take the instrument brush take a little less but say 45 to us enough and some places
  • 04:48: a little brighter to do very much it is not necessary that is, we neatly neatly pass through the same thing we do with layer 2 here somewhere may be Edges of petals
  • 05:19: it all depends on your fantasy from how you see this picture too many will not need to be very alyapisto in everyone needs a measure since we have a rose turned we can a few others places highlighting the same way we can
  • 05:50: rosettes make some glare we take white color I have a brush such brushes to me I like this black now we find it Here such that is he very big reduce so stay at the first layer with a rose somewhere
  • 06:20: here I will do this damn go to the second layer have a take more but we stay almost the same place remember where we have this highlight is on first layer do same but possible learn we will be simple
  • 06:54: more it will be seen that this glare in our work and so we collect our animation now I will show a simpler way you can so you will be more understandable in animation palette animation we have 1 frame on it always love and layer it will always be the default is exhibited close eyes on all layers except for the first layer it we will be the first
  • 07:24: frame click create a new frame close the eye on layer 1 turn on the eye on layer 2 we look everything is right with us further standing on the first whether the second layer without distinction we tighten shift button on keyboard with us lights up both our frames and here we press
  • 07:57: create intermediate frames y I'm worth 5 me most to me more like this cheese park that is with it no longer works better animation, as it were I do not want that is this neither much nor little of this ample click ok as we see it are obtained animation translucent and we while with her nothing we will not do now I'll show you
  • 08:30: that's what was clear what for is this is done as we see at the end a sharp such a jump and no to make our animation went back side again at turn off from classic what we are doing standing on the seventh layer on the seventh frame we we press the shift button on the keyboard and
  • 09:01: click on the first frame to highlight all our frames further click on this create a square making a copy selected frames here at us shots have appeared but we will succeed animation as we see again here there is this jerk what are we doing
  • 09:35: we are on the eighth animation frame we press the shift button and click on the fourteenth frame and right here on squares call the context menu which we select reverse order frame all our animation will now it is correct to go but us here is the seventh and eighth frame as we see nothing they happen the same 8 we delete
  • 10:05: the same thing we have 13 and 1 they are not the same to us need this 13 frame we also delete we are at the first animation frame and turn on classic on the layer sex and admire as we see the smooth animation with us
  • 10:35: rosette smoothly move to the sample and reversed what else can I do on this picture Well, for example, not rests on such Effect we create click right here at the bottom square new layer here we take so palely pale yellowish color oval tool region here we put here
  • 11:05: feathering 10 and a new layer here us first frame animation enabled here is a circle and fill it with our pale yellow deselect go to the parameters overlay soft color and what can be done on the first frame
  • 11:36: so we can say 2 this is our searchlight slightly move the third frame we are still moving it fourth frame we put forward the fifth frame 6th 7th
  • 12:07: double 9 10 12 12 you can move on any trajectory what do you like can for example like this make
  • 12:37: on a new layer you can such a creation figure and already on it Here's how to move then it's just delete that is it turns out this behold also possible
  • 13:08: for example you can write something let's say etiquette and also such as a soft color include animation here is ours
  • 13:49: I turned to animation but we rosette smoothly move back and forth that is, sensation such a living thing Pictures further it is already possible as anything and arrange it say the world does not try harder overdoing when too much some decorative elements or some kind of effects are also not have a good hope you liked the lesson
  • 14:21: it was clear to everyone with I was you Irina scandal to new meetings