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  • 00:00: I greet you name Igor M. dollar today's issue I Continuing the theme about that what I was doing on after I left without work and livelihood the existence of the first video I was there told that I developed and implemented one idea is a service the one-time orders I have served orders people living outside Dneprodzerzhinsk and Dnepropetrovsk but the region in which
  • 00:30: We have interests in but the region's for a permanent job but why not come It not come because place due to the nature region location I mean it's not capital but I had somewhere in the order of 12 12 ordering all rest of the time I I spent waiting the next order I need to have I had to act still I wanted something engaged in again I repeat do not work particularly where such It was not normal in
  • 01:01: Internet anywhere nothing is It suggested namely in this area I the specialized have in publishing periodic publications I I did not want himself apply since I already I considered this species activity unpromising here It had something So I look for a new I searched and searched I pondered pondered nothing in his head did not go I read advertising a newspaper but as time went on and we must
  • 01:31: somehow already all but necessary it was once the money earn and what you I think I take a newspaper I read and read but what I started heading read services why because if there's nothing you only you can offer some services correctly well that's what I I started looking into services category in a newspaper and look required what services heading require the services and girlfriends services heading subheading is required
  • 02:00: and required reading dig up the garden 4 weave think Holy smoke money Well all need food dig a well at from me as boy my hands here and so are growing You understand and money We needed I'm calling on this numbers game so you You need to dig up garden yes you manually You dig out the game course manual I was there what price I do not I know so from a lantern said 80 hryvnia for weave woman
  • 02:30: Derek is arranged well all i think so tomorrow weekend Saturday and Sunday that's two days I I must say the garden Think tree-stick I actually served to physical work but I do not for a long time enough where I can say something somewhere dig deeper there earth there is something but not to buy such after more than an hour in hour passes it to me already tired and yet I I can not finish it already in my hands here I love so I head but work here and
  • 03:00: needed money and I think so and I think a pancake tomorrow I'm going to I will dig dig Saturday will dig Sunday I Corn will be back It will hurt the hand legs will ache I will get sick hurts is traveling with What kind of mood that This newspaper was wounded and now I look where People looking for work heading purely there accidentally glance the student is required part time offer any options I think Rick and
  • 03:31: here's what I want dialing the number of the student and I say I suggest you dig up 4 weave garden of 40 hryvnia per that is, a hundred get 160 hryvnia student course yes it suits me, I Holy smoke, you here them here it my way and then the next day come on the address and Well, I'm telling you I'm a student arranged so and so I told him since
  • 04:00: It has since all honestly it will be as you shalt dig for her ass you the floor 40 hryvnia I you for your brain I get for what I you provided work that you get and one we all come on the address zakazchitsa hostess speaks of you two I'll be digging I say not, we will not I'll dig here please deposit 160 hryvnia's and 160 hryvnia after execution of works here man remains will drip to mind without
  • 04:31: questions and gave me it is 160 hryvnia, I He earned 160 hryvnia it I have found this need see how I I determined in this I picked up a case of yes Now remember, I said Formula 5 words from both to earn money Find a need and satisfy her then I have now satisfied 3 needs ie the customer must be would dig up the garden
  • 05:00: Now granted needs of students should it be necessary the money he was willing to put your physical labor that there he was digging it got the money and I I received a vase reward for I'm satisfied students need and satisfied need ie customer and I also earned the there watering like So I was not investing neither a penny earned money and
  • 05:30: I pondered to put it to stream to it organized as a kind of activity but first of First, I did not understand how then dug up for this student Saturday and Sunday garden there is a 4 weave and on Friday literally calls me this again the woman says as you I want more dig says because the neighbors asked so good We dug you out there
  • 06:00: neighbors asked that they too dig I think about on certainly call again the students he gladly he agrees he He told his back his all aching I can speak properly I say you worked physically I head that's how we together zara I using you earned you using me all he went on dig and then I have It dawned as put on stream the I have it to be as an activity and He called physical
  • 06:32: unskilled work that is I I looked all services have let there is trade Well, I mean, how activity has and services there building repairs Well all all all absolutely there but the here such that let's see dig in there somewhere something to bring it break here such Service was not there I'm talking about Monitors full range of services that and it may need
  • 07:00: I poured out just such a Classified formula perform a physical unskilled work and listed digging remove the ship dismantle ie Here are all here operation and transfer here here here is such a It is here and gave free ads in the paper and literally over time Calls went ie
  • 07:30: this service noticed and she became demanded the have you started do it already how to view activity that is I tied say more services more how the wedge let's eat people who deal freight as Now they say we need to call take out the trash at them Machine is in them the machine has a loader to
  • 08:00: immerse the trash let the builders in they do not have and they are Then why do not not smart enough think out I'm in my ad I started giving Classified physically is not qualified work there plus garbage, not you We loading and removal that is, we I'm here for this service supplemented and that is from the beginning to the end of the ie if there has where something is done some repairs work in the apartment all the customer wants only pay th
  • 08:31: Well, basically he wants pay to the waste carried loaded and removed ie people which deals freight not It had such a word translate and here and here there was it is here that render services and I'm here to immerse all these white spots FULL something there again again I began to advertise perform any physical unskilled of staff and I picked exactly the the same way that is
  • 09:00: video ads there I communicate with people who needed part or student or else what the people who or on weekends Only we needed all and so I mastered one more direction activity is the fulfillment physical unskilled work that is it in I went to the stream is now over three years and you have there were constant clients then there are people call that let me have
  • 09:30: They know they turn you that even for yes of course we this we are doing just We are doing that is have any demolition work Here cleaning services fully beautification territory you have loaded and all garbage all All that's how we We do complex here and interestingly this idea can come in any country that's this the idea is now working I
  • 10:00: two friends chewed put in a mouth that's the idea here Now in two countries they are engaged Here they had the The situation is also to I sat without work they said the collapse of this and now all that's say it well in one one country, he had Three people in all but his work suffice it enough and Now such types activity I started so
  • 10:31: interested in working editors worked Publishers and now suddenly here such a coup so upside down completely changing direction Activities Well money as they say It does not smell and it is necessary make necessary It was here so I learned the new kind activities like satisfied satisfied
  • 11:00: needs customers and performers and customers execution of works need and performers in their money requirements So I tied them and so here I and organized appearance activity here yet a time thing including some I I looked after after a certain time began appear the same ads in the newspaper perform a physical
  • 11:30: unskilled work that is interesting we'll see that in these that place because no brains word for word written word word where feasible physically unskilled work ship dig remove break out the trash assort in general here such a text and privalyat and just also on view of our brain Atte and copied more interested call me customers and say I imagine you you called third
  • 12:00: I say that really have their prices higher than they burn no Prices above you on the I've got higher but you can sensible So I explain all I ask the person let's say that's how it it will happen up to 1 km no shorter understanding a doodle as they say and you're here I call it the date you I told the whole chain as will be from start to end and see that you are in This special here I am this the idea developed and so I can do everything
  • 12:31: explain and tell and understand the customer it feels well, if I understood let someone I have to call it something That's it, we begin Chagme Well this is the moment but it will let I have resigned They say prices already as though I've got in my head that is if some question and I immediately answer I know that's like this I thought of
  • 13:00: and changed views activity Here's a business You can start almost from scratch and without these here seminars whatever there writing workshop there I sign up for a webinar I'll tell you how start a business from scratch like nothing invest and network marketing and no trade here I I put your intelligence and received business correctly and he he brings It brings money here
  • 13:30: them, and without and without all deceit Thank you for your attention to you was Igor M. dollar up new appointments