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How to make cottage firm cheese from cottage cheese. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, today we we will prepare cottage cheese I already posted one videos on their page where we prepared homemade cheese the recipe is very simple cheese gentle turns tasty here I vylazhivayu link and I also want to show more one recipe cooking cottage cheese here the main ingredient It will cottage cheese So we took kilogram good fat home
  • 00:30: way as we need sex liter of milk 3 eggs 100 grams of butter oils need 1 teaspoon soda and 1 teaspoon spoon teaspoon salt and sugar To begin, we will publish in a pan on curtains and fill milk Now put on bring to light
  • 01:01: boiling starts here boil milk we see gradually separated Syrovatka broths until boiling milk we sobem eggs and soda salt Now milk is already
  • 01:40: boil and we translate on fire slow and cook about 10 more minutes here means milk prokipela more simmer for 10 Now we have minutes turn off the heat and through double cheesecloth monitor sent out nevertheless the next step we
  • 02:11: red-hot frying pan and warm up in it tablespoons butter still recovering and separate the courts of our fathers boats so we view After the cheese has
  • 02:41: department still severely Here is the output rack and and we can use for pancakes or other purposes here It means time kopilos butter here we ship the eggs and cottage cheese and all carefully mix more 10 minutes and so on simmer 10
  • 03:14: minutes more valine We try stir to it strongly adhered to the bottom of the pans so here the process of cooking cheese on such a pan you do not raise them gradually here we are continuously Stir cheese already 10 minutes as we see
  • 03:44: a little oil separated and that then do it this cheese folk we interspersed in a separate tank even there is little domeshivaem dense homogeneity and then peppered capacity
  • 04:17: victims to pour to lodchonka all sir as we see already immediately He begins to freeze so give it to stand 15-20 minutes for full cooling and send for the night ripen fridge