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  • 00:09: Hello my workshop has many years Chinese and Drilling Machine by Angel its price is enough good machine but nevertheless I made its design series improvements when I'm done with I make modifications overview video and now I want to
  • 00:30: give details of 1 completion I I find important because this machine It has a small stroke Spindle only 50 then in millimeters time work rather often have move the table table It is fixed at a colony terminal clamp clamp It shrinks like this Now with bolt reversible handle but for a full fixation is necessary make half or two turns and because in my
  • 01:00: the machine almost all time set additional table all manipulations clip accounts do touch that I really not much like so I decided make changes function and replaced screw clamp clip using center for this I I made some details of the actual their very center of the bolt axis at the end of the video I
  • 01:31: Uploaded photos To make it clearer eccentric diameter 24 mm offset axes 3 a millimeter here first center I had a handle installed vertical plane but During operation I He turned 90 degrees because in the first case it I worked only table turned I found the handle
  • 02:00: another nice especially when Move the table actually for himself He wedged a chair but when it Moves like this Now the handle and Buffet included it is very easily and well fixed Now I show closer
  • 02:33: Well clearly seen in heart squeezes terminal Here is such a a small but very comfortable well rationalization now look Photo So in the end how usually write no comments ask questions and put the Huskies subscribe to and on this channel at
  • 03:01: today all Thank you for attention