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  • 00:00: Hello again today we will discuss another pose very very trivial It called on the posture lion, or you can say the killer angina it is almost never carried out in accordance with general smart programs and very rarely recalls it in his personal experience probably due to the fact that it does not quite their specific performing well, what it is on the general The program can be and for the better because if you are healthy if there are no hints
  • 00:31: violation balance do it in principle You do not need it better time use to solve some their other tasks on do it for tick completely I have no need it is necessary to perform very very point specific time interval let's see how it is done so on a per lions she could not attributed to some training postures but at the same time it is just such a vivid demonstration of what can yoga
  • 01:01: if you learn do you perhaps continue to hurt most unusual disease but sore throat, and we have to hurt You will never be like it is done First you need to adopt sustainable pose I suppose that I will watch people of diverse training so you have to pick up it under his under its constitution or it is possible just such a sitting cross-legged with legs crossed you can also try to sit on aligning heels
  • 01:31: knees and drop hands on his knees hands if this posture you is not available, you can just take the chairs Well, who are available more complex I will call options and there it itself here the next thing you need do you need will put his hand hands on his knees and hard pull the finger then do take a deep breath and strength start pulling tongue down to delay breathing inspiratory force pull down the language
  • 02:02: thereby It is a non-trivial tension in the throat thus you invoke the flow of blood which will be fight infections One more thing you We need to chin Slightly lower down that is to make a Now on to what is not, and Here are three easy elongated element fingers chin hands slightly down and pull tongue down and for
  • 02:35: and I hold therefore I He is shown as long as you can it to do if you've already sick on the course a course you You can try and to do but possible effect of this is not but will if you only a harbinger disease you You have time to do it
  • 03:05: Two or three times I have I assure 15-20 minutes your sore throat will not and today we all try to do you had me Arthur It fell to new rollers