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How to make apple cider vinegar in house conditions? RECIPE of apple cider vinegar!  See details »

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  • 00:01: how to cook apple cider vinegar home for whatever goal it to me it took it remarkable means and yet it is always better apply apple vinegar home than bought at the store so we'll you how to do it in home 30th is very simple 3 a kilo of apples must grind and mix with one glass then pour the sugar lukewarm water and leave for 2 of the week only need one day of this mass agitate for after two weeks liquid gently
  • 00:30: then drain put it away in the dark place another ten days for ripening all incredibly a useful tool ready and if you do not We know what is useful apple cider vinegar and how to apply the we recommend View this video Click on the picture him to go and if you I liked this video Like the place and also tell us about it to friends and necessarily subscribe to a channel