The machine Winds - what to do? Repair of the sewing machine a step - 5

The machine Winds - what to do? Repair of the sewing machine a step - 5  See details »

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  • 00:02: So 4 rock machine our breaks but not after we pro scribbled on top on the first line look wonderful but when we We overturn see that our line winds from the bottom this means that your tensioner nicknames someone turned perhaps a child or you are moth catch a hand such as He cranked need
  • 00:31: pull that is, I should here at zero almost standing need put it on yedinichku deuce three more next next depending on the thread thickness but start quietly eg add or yedinichku even half I put edinichek immediately paving second place
  • 01:01: and look from the top line left a good overturn bottom line already improved but still equally It is seen that top is not as white ie it for over It is not considered out on the bottom and seen from below and that is to say we need more slightly tighten and put dvoechku
  • 01:30: again prostrochivayu We check the third line already looks much better towards almost February 3 remarkably well, I would a little more pulled let's say on the floor goal set where the two with half like this We are making the fourth check 4 lines
  • 02:02: check all fourth place I fully meets white thread went inside and on this side here it is ours from the edge 4 thread black thread did not come out out tension means both wrong equally if we see our lines now I
  • 02:30: I pulled and do stitching look our fabric start a little pull there we had a straighter and here penultimate and I last wushu tightened thread tensioner strongly here I put on seven of our fabric First, a little and began to pull viewed
  • 03:00: black thread with our bobbin but since our bobbin thread tension adjusted well it all still struggling with the upper thread and He is trying to keep loop right a position to if a thread in bobbin would severely weakened here it would be a very strongly visible black loops that go from our bobbin and we would I had adjust lower tension
  • 03:30: thread since I He said in previous lessons I think now you need to understand a tensioner twitch He is responsible for the upper and the lower thread and any to handle all This concludes the lesson to until the next meeting till