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  • 00:03: hi I'm AJ Hoge of learn real English calm common question how do I use the text of your lessons or of any other audios that I have it's a good question how does she do use text well text is great for understanding new material for example if you have an audio and you also have the text that you can read it's great in the beginning to listen
  • 00:32: and read at the same time this will help you understand this will guarantee that you will learn all of the vocabulary all of the phrases in this material so reading and listening at the same time it's great in the beginning do this several times with any new material you have including a new lesson from us once you understand all of the vocabulary
  • 01:01: then put away the text you don't need it anymore then just focus on listening you do need to focus on listening without text because we know in real life in real conversations there's nothing to read you have to listen only so it's fine to use the text in the beginning to understand something new or something difficult but after you can do that put it away and do a lot more repetitions a lot more listening just with the audio
  • 01:31: only so you've trained your ears not only your eyes I'm AJ Hoge of learn real English comm see you next time bye for now you