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  • 00:00: yeah what's up world it's your boy philosopher here you know that American dude with the incredible mood that's me mmm-hmm way to go you're rid of a video perfect yo what's up world it's your voice fill us we're here you know that American do with the incredible mood that's me and what am I making a video about today well today I'm making another video based on pronunciation I know the way you guys speaking this is very important to you and you don't want to sound too much like a foreigner or too much like a beginner with your accent a lot of people want to improve
  • 00:30: their accent but today we are going to do that but with tricky words these three words are tricky in almost messed up these three words were about Co tricky now this one this one and this one of course I'm not going to say them Yanks I want to teach you how to save them a little later I'll give you the definitions of them just so you can know for sure what the words actually mean well this one over here this one is a is a fabric it's a material it's also something we use as you see the picture here it's also
  • 01:01: something we use to like wash things like you can wash yourself with this or you can I clean the table with it you know you can clean these sneakers with a ignore it's a fabric it's a noun basically this one is a verb it's something you do when you like put on your shirt you put on your pants you know your hat you put on your socks you're basically doing this to yourself no that's what you're doing so this one is a verb and then this one once again is it now and what is this this is basically you know you're sure you're had your pants your underwear things you
  • 01:32: used to dress yourself with the things you dress in that's what this is but do you know how these three are pronounced it's not as easy as it seems one of them is very very tricky but do you know whoa try it I'll listen and I'll tell you if you're right oh actually I can't hear you but try it anyway okay now I'm going to pronounce them let's see how close you were we have cloth we have clothes and we have clothes
  • 02:04: cloth clothes clothes that's right clothes it's pretty crazy let's go to the first one cloth this one is pretty simple to pronounce but the th sound is a problem here and usually the reason why a lot of people don't say it properly it is cloth ah when you make the teats out and you see a little bit of your tongue when you're saying cloth cloth but you know what I have some good news for you people who don't like
  • 02:37: making the th sound and this word a cloth you don't have to make the th sound at all you can sound just as American by saying cloth cloth i there's like five washcloths in there you could get whatever one you want there's a tablecloth right there you can use it if you feel you can use a soft F sound instead of it tapes out at the end of this word you can actually say cloth it just like we do with my brother I have a brother named Keith no one ever calls him Keith we call them Keith key just like the rapper Chief Keith you know that's a
  • 03:07: perfect example in some words is absolutely okay to use it a sound as an F sound and this is one of them so if you can't say cloth properly it is absolutely okay to cheat and say cloth it's fine next one too close too close now with this one there's no F sound replacement too cold or too close but no there's no F or V sound replacement you can only use a th sound and this one is a hard T sound at that you can't resist a cloth too close it's the clothes too
  • 03:38: close do you like to close your children of course because I don't want my kids going outside make example okay so that's cool old so CLO sound is easy to get out but you have to know how to make that hard th sound and if you want to practice the hard th sound you should take your tongue put it on your tongue here put under your top teeth and vibrate it and it should make a sound similar to Omaha like no a fly or something flying around like this is
  • 04:08: and it should be like like that dislike that clothes I need to clothe myself I was clothed yesterday things like that clothes clothes clothes okay now we don't really use the word clothes much really don't use it much we say dress or to get dressed like dress yourself get dressed put on your clothes stuff like that we don't really say I'm cold no says that stuff you know but it's a word that
  • 04:38: you should at least know how to pronounce now for the next one the next one is not close this is not closing this is not cold this's is not synthesis it's just clothes clothes just like when you shut a door closed when you shut your mouth you close your mouth this is just like that and what a hole like I told you holes are you sure compares whatever you were but it's just pronounced close I can't tell you how many times I ran into people who said
  • 05:08: close this I can't I can't count how many times that happen them and I know what they mean if you say coldest to a person like I I bought some new clothes we're all going to understand you but it were just going to kind of laugh because no one says close it's not pronounced closest if it was pronounced close this at one point in time it's not now so if you're learning from a book that says oh this is acting pronounced close that's old you see that's a problem some of you learn old stuff all stuff that no one
  • 05:39: says anymore and when you say it you will sound funny unless you want to make people laugh every single time you speak English learn for me sometimes it's close prosze that simple so what are the three words we have cloth or a cloth clothes you have to do the hard take sound clothes and we have clothes clothes just like when you close a door so that's the end of the episode for today I hope you
  • 06:09: did I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learn stuff sure to add me class let's go that's me also dr the let's go on Facebook so let's go on Instagram let's go on Twitter whatever is all in the link in the description and I've been nervous the best right now I should be here for the rest of the month of April then I'll be in Petersburg for some of me and then I'll be in Kaliningrad for the rest of me and then maybe I'll come back to Nova see bisque in June so I'll keep in touch with you guys the Miller thing and you know what
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