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  • 00:00: yellow it's up world it's your boy valasco hair you know that American dude with the incredible mood that's me and what am i making a video about today well today's video is going to be based on pronunciation yes we're going to have a very important pronunciation lesson right now because there was a common mistake a lot of Russians make when it comes to pronunciation not only was only russia's is probably brazilians other europeans and maybe ages as well when it comes to these three words that you see above my head one two and three yes
  • 00:31: i'm not going to pronounce them because i don't want to give it away but when i go around the around russia ukraine or whatever teaching people how to pronounce these three words most people have a very similar understanding of these three words when it comes to pronunciation but it is absolutely wrong in its absolute waste of time so we have three words here we have th e ar e th e ir and th ey ' ar e okay those are the three words we have here now a lot of
  • 01:06: people will say something like hey it's pronounced there there and there or maybe it's pronounced vir there and there or maybe is pronounced these beer there and all these different all these different variants I'm hearing from people but the one thing most of them don't understand is that it's much simpler than you can imagine how are these three words pronounced they are pronounced there there and there that's it there's no there there beer or
  • 01:37: beer there there no it's there there there a lot of time teachers teach different ways of pronounce these being words but it is a waste of your time absolutely 100% the logical is saying it is a waste of your time now I'm not trying to say your teachers are doing the wrong thing that's not what I'm saying is because they learn from old books usually especially in countries I got here in Russia a lot of you learning from really old books and old material
  • 02:07: that doesn't really know how to much to do with modern day American English so if you're still learning that they're there than there are pronounced three different ways or even two different ways it's old it's a waste of time don't try to figure out how they sound differently or whatever because they're all exactly the same so however you pronounce this it's how your penalties to however you pronounce this is how you pronounce these two now whatever you pronounce this is how you pronounce these two it's there there and there that simple there you have now - another
  • 02:40: one bonuses go to these two is there a difference between these two and pronunciation you have why all you are that we have why are you apostrophe re is there a difference out there actually once again no there's no difference it's your and your your and your I like your hat you're an idiot I think you're an idiot but I still like your hat okay I like your hat I still think you're an idiot it's the same exact thing on the
  • 03:11: Internet both of these are calmly spelled you are it doesn't mean you are all the time but they're pronounced you they're spelled you are on internet because it's informal so I was like here so I'm saying your face you know you are space FAC eager face or I can say um you're an idiot you are a an idiot okay you're an idiot your face is calm they scold you are now another bonus let's go to i TS versus i ta poss PS is there a difference between
  • 03:41: these two no it's it's and it's it's it's and it's it's that's like a not a tongue twister but a little like tongue we mess around it's it's and it's okay that simple now one more let's go to one more what about before we go what about these three are they any different at all are they the same maybe too little saying that one is different hmm well good teachers are teaching you that these three are
  • 04:12: pronounced in three different ways or even two different ways your teachers are absolutely correct if they're teaching you that they are all different because they're all completely different you have where were and we're very very different where were and we're a lot of people when I when I give this lesson in class I teach about there they're there it's it's your your and then when we get to where we're and where they usually think they sound alike or two of them sound alike they usually think so I
  • 04:42: think they get tricked a lot but these three are completely different 100% so that's the end of the episode for today I hope you liked it I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learn new stuff sure to add me class let's go that's me it's subscribe to my youtube page see all my videos right now I'm in notice it missed I'll be here for the month of April giving lessons at the Benedict School and maybe some others but that's now it's the Benedict School so contact me Ravi investors on VK if you want to attend my classes this was an important
  • 05:12: lesson it's there there and there no difference and you know what the guys said that the end of my videos do you know what the guy says at the end of the videos you don't know what he says the end of the videos at the end of all my yes don't you race you know maybe go crazy on camera be better and don't be racist so don't be right that is his catchphrase that don't be