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  • 00:00: preparation asd fraction 2 what is it and how to apply it there are two fractions of asd-2 and asd-3 is more popular 2 therefore We talk about it here so it looks first say that heals then Let's talk about the way of using the second the fraction is diluted with water containing solution and used for both outdoor and for internal use and sd showed excellent results with treatment of bronchial asthma diseases
  • 00:33: along with psoriasis for which at that time time was not a criticism of methodical means treatment courses of treatment of sd led to normalization of functions of the nervous endocrine and immune and other ride systems successfully treated varicose veins veins and with prolonged use increased elasticity of skin and tissues rejuvenating action on the body is particularly effective hd proved to be in gynecology and d2 successfully healed trichomoniasis chlamydia
  • 01:04: as well as fibroids meow cancer of the uterus Breast cancer breast cancer hepatic neuronal diseases and tuberculosis of all forms in diseases genitals with alopecia at the eye and ear diseases inflammatory nature of the ear diseases in the rhinitis and sinusitis Hypertension in goiter with incontinence both in children and adults
  • 01:35: neurosis radiculitis skin diseases psoriasis at all stages eczema hepatic disease with obesity with stomatitis but as for a genyantritis here treatment does not pass or take place so quickly but, however, I do not think that you somewhere saw a drug with so much a wide range of therapeutic action effectively heal and with side effects you do not imagine how many people this
  • 02:05: the drug sent life in earnest I want to call it a cure for everything how to take a generic admission schedule asd-2 for all diseases the first day in the morning 5 drops in the evening 10 drops of the second day in the morning 15 drops in the evening 20 on the third day of 20 drops in the morning in the evening 25 the fourth day in the morning, 25 in the evening, thirty
  • 02:35: the fifth day in the morning 30 drops in the evening 35 6 135 cable in the morning evening 35 seventh day break further take 35 cable in the morning and in the evening the drug is constantly due to 2 has a wide range of therapeutic and preventive action of water for use in all cases is taken boiled and chilled a ride has a sharp unpleasant odor and if not possible take it with water for example children
  • 03:06: You should drink grape juice categorically forbidden to raise fraction asd-2 mineral and or carbonated water dosage I indicated below in the description under video if other drugs should be taken asd-2 After two to three hours after ingestion medicines but not earlier than asd-2 neutral and you all the drugs why it can be used for any
  • 03:38: poisoning I advise you not to remove the liquid with a syringe hiding the lid itself as I show on picture medicine good but smell horrible but the treatment is worth it the medicine was said to be bitter but to the patient it helped I wish everyone a speedy recovery of luck