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  • 00:00: Hello my call hope Ivanovna I am many years old worked as a teacher business drawing and drawing Well, you retired. probably know what retired people pensions are not very the big one decided to go on the internet than you can what you can learn online on the Internet and strongly not disassembled worked before and now decided to see where
  • 00:31: you can learn work on the computer on the Internet and start Earn Money someone accidentally found ssylochku on the bow and I went into it here we are, too the most we will be with you we are going to go well this you see look it at me already here are exhibited it is understandable because I'm already there
  • 01:01: are registered we will type it now immediately appears loaded further we will leave that you have it was clear I would go out further you will have page to register If you sign up that to register You will see a page you write your name
  • 01:31: present example irina for example or you reduce your e-mail for example, too real because you will receive data there all typed and clicked further if but I am sleeping me wrong because I already have have a page banish you have everything right occurs therefore so we'll move on on my page and
  • 02:01: continue I registered I have that to the mail comes news beast to me a letter that heralds me that I registered was registered usually a register of is registered by but you can to start register and himself but if you register now you yourself will not have at once your partner the one who can you
  • 02:31: help in learning or here climb, even on this page or something in me will be is unclear on will help here please see our pipe and this only a year more of the year us already 140 2128 people work here are now online 25 including we walk with you pages appear
  • 03:03: then what are we with you then what? I said and you enter wrote your login and password and is loaded and here the most page on my page already exists photo uploaded by she will not have you there will be no good here will be but there will be no name and very last name given that you will be her I upload you I will help at any time further that on this page is this this
  • 03:33: news page first Wednesday page news news that it is in this the day is here today is Saturday seen that on Saturday there will be written here on this Saturday someone's time always in Moscow time on the gum that for the occupation is usually two a day there is only one rest room other early but always late at night working days and training is conducted on various issues
  • 04:03: the first thing you have this news page but it's news page will always be you then have a future referral link that he may you will send to my friends such that they see what you are do here what within what did you study here under smartphone photos and there is a panel by clicking on next to the panel management and here ticked the trail by clicking on
  • 04:33: you see it page appears password there profile and like that but here we will go into the fault partners is our office will be I go to him and you see all schedules everything here is here us goes downloading and loaded various materials plan if you will do business with We will have people partner with you will appear and you will see their
  • 05:04: partners, for example Click and see of your partners what work with you seven and with them that you communicate and in Internet without communication It is impossible to live you well know that's it you may be the first Lots of partners communicate good friend help a friend something to each other a friend has a friend friend, see write letters further next you know which is usually always
  • 05:35: happens with partners there are always blood and you too will profile it in this profile , we are floated in this profile you need to write last name first name accurate data because that upload your photo because if you start work and engage business future commodity there will be a payment but when paying and
  • 06:05: necessary accurate data here same will be recorded all your phone data in order to work with others people your e-mail address your skype necessarily because what are you communicating through him and here it is here all will be in the future if you will start working at you will have money from you will have a system on then what will you deduce and behold your money is not about the future you will output this
  • 06:35: all can be filled yourself if something is not clear in any time I address you always help on this page on news we have the most interesting is that we have the most good is it library system what exactly is in it now we'll see this page loaded here look here loaded page the very first thing that I studied to go and many study because
  • 07:05: coming to the Internet many are not able do not know what means the desktop what does it mean there in general all computers are all Here you can see listen learn fully himself independently or there are classes or there are classes here please, all this you can by view by clicking for example meet computer by clicking here I have a
  • 07:35: is loaded into its file and here I am, please I can break through them download special nonojates where you can watch you'll see probably and reproduce what about than here today It is said and continues continue to explore for yourself and this is further very interestingly we have shop in the store here free services from free services you can sell something to your
  • 08:05: if friends interested can take what do you want then have please inexpensive to eat and more expensive different various brochures video so if you start looking if view your view the news on press it not it is forbidden very much well because everywhere you need to approach
  • 08:35: look all because that the more you see the topics more interesting and clear to you will be what here are engaged in the most important thing what is here to me like here I am Internet was trained took for example a certain fee training by paying them herself read somewhere something not clear and do not know what to do next
  • 09:05: is impossible apply because he sold you money his took you yourself study yourself but here are my friends in this network in social learning there is a special technical support I can call there and apply to any time especially through stands on running here please i'm asking Do not press the question I will be written there the question is going to
  • 09:35: write a question from my name is see the message i I write my name and e-mail topic I report that I I want to find my respected bald n but also send to me through her for a little time comes message through my site for example here I am ask a question who is on duty here today for example my friends are on duty I ask the duty officer
  • 10:06: the question is she please below on duty on duty from 9 up to 11 for example I trace your question and me parish and demonstrates its demonstrate their conversations and we with them on my page all correct and watch what do I need to solve this question understand what's the matter it is very good not everywhere is this here they support day and night
  • 10:37: see on duty all days of the week are not present weekend look and from 9 am to most of the 22 hours of the night but that is, it's in Moscow when the network when you live eastern then it is already you will be am and people are looking for girl you can and they on duty bear their service there is a wall on this wall all partners or people for the first time
  • 11:10: I am writing my own messages very interesting read that I do not at all once very interesting to read that nice on the Internet not knowing anything people start get decent money is it these people come from different different from different places where and from various parties and where they write his what they wanted
  • 11:40: write an appeal em and or tip your work ie you by going here everything is everywhere view if you need like it now online is almost 50 people left work for you as well like you can read and see something to leave your review
  • 12:11: that is, you are here real master his own house his house is already he you 2 and if you I wonder what I am something of you interested if you are interested in Tula please go and the most important thing is that here we are connectedness another can enjoy tools for business and you will
  • 12:42: continue engage in tools that namely for tools this if you want to create your site then you can take for 6 dollars you see immediately by going to this page before nights of our roads take and create your own site blog page and like if you want to create your own god you go charge for $ 8 block is not very
  • 13:12: expensive if you want me now demonstrate this all if you want create videos and video congratulations and allow their friends and comrades family before any people you can take for 8 dollars, too, and to start working if you want to Talk with people with many then you can for wine meetings gum for presentations for room where you are and where
  • 13:42: you will meet with my friends the price is only 4 dollar 460 24 240 rubles expensive but here please give only and take on service this is the creation of pages see I can be here any take but not necessary expensive to take take for $ 6 we for example push is selected
  • 14:12: We have here an account and we we can exhibit account for 6 dollars and we we can pay it but pays for it is necessary then to pass registration in inventory in community it is connected with our services because We are being trained and tools on those what we are learning for example we will make site and the like sites and are already going already do not have a
  • 14:45: index community if you do this are interested in the title will all pass and you all look that's what I wanted you to do explain if something happens not clear under the video there will be a reference to registration of you will pass through it I will type Put
  • 15:15: office will be me we will dial you register in online mode it just like he is his page you showcase and we are with you register all let's go through this all together thanks to meetings returned