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How to sew a jacket from kurtochny material with fur - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Yes friends with you, I like Just today, I want you tell us a little about that's how I got agreement. share impressions on material I used but a bit of technologies talk about stuff I used this poison no ordinary
  • 00:31: about quilted plaschevka with fur artificial fur there are three layers the first layer of this year raincoat. the second layer is and third sintepon artificial layer fur on knitted basis and over say processing the material does not I liked firstly it firmly and enough and warm. cha-looking seems that it is not so thin
  • 01:01: very warm but on Feels felt that material stand tested our weather processing of such little material differs from conventional treatment material is used too same as the cha plaschevki the only thing that's I decided to cut here not handle ordinary standard way I decided here turn over the slices and Basically I like how it looks
  • 01:31: Now there is such a actually sold Paper bias binding although, in principle, you can make the most but to accelerate husband process has this century grumble paper with using which it is easy I turn over the cut its shaft and acanthus scribbling makes a point and the girl at the seams that little
  • 02:15: the process will tell the there are first I made a dart at the processed at front halves then first the front half with side of the front halves back middle seam at then side portion back shoulder seams and
  • 02:47: Sew side seams smell test worked previously it I did the same in the Cover in such the ending is here again This bias binding I liked this an interesting combination turned cooked slices I press out for to start here lightning and
  • 03:20: I made on the seam first on the hood rear seam average Now hood It remains for me Sew collar start in the hood
  • 03:50: neck connecting pometochka look here what feature treatment will the collar stand I have now developed Label hood, detail Download already jacket and started Hood in the neck jacket for me. naturally here you need to combine all details see
  • 04:20: leveling of the roughness board until the end of about pave combine view all sections everything to be exactly the seam is smooth twist that's the way similar look at that us match details stitch width stand up that here all these Union were rovnenkie and that there is here me as the fabric
  • 04:51: bilayer I get lining I do not mix Lining is artificial fur so this one seam something which is not necessary close I have it here here here I now start that I did it to gather width Tito 0 3 0 5 centimeters and then Here is such a slash Bakey I will cover the top and we I spend neatly in edge that is so to me this one Now the shock was made nice and tidy
  • 05:22: Bridge this feature you need to remember when you work with fabrics, unlined double-sided some tissues meters where you need you close this one cut dacha not even can for example somewhere tricot attributed the stakes are that it is here's it's this method It can be useful take some tesemochku knitted oblique Bakey what fits how do you think to your model and use it all on here I already paved
  • 05:53: line close to the show for one side is now bent Babu's here these oblique inlay or even make a here they devices look at that you can take remove all here these here thickening which will disturb you do line they need to be cut straight so here mercilessly take neatly times that is, to cut off Now along seams
  • 06:24: Docking was like can be smaller but that's thickness here we are all cut off and the second I would like to point emphasize on I killed the cashier I use cotton oblique Bakey if you are thinking do the same thing that first please forget it either wet or pro decorate using kuguchu Gaspar humidifier because that suddenly her and nothing not treated and it
  • 06:56: you sit cotton the fabric is very sits necessarily then check to was not you wash the product she found you all stay but on These two points I would noticed your want more tell you about processing pocket you You know sometimes such poison is the battalion commander here are just a the case where it is difficult press it to cut well that it was all exactly that here and basal cell side was useful
  • 07:27: here I have made I just outlined line at first hem pockets up upper hem bottom hem I downloaded and but already it's here lines that I received and press out turned rovnenky pocket started here because stozhka it was difficult to somehow align to make even good parts nearly
  • 07:57: but now I am scheduled location pocket to pieces then Baste and already stitching feature Armand details again I repeat that it is not
  • 08:27: afraid to sew and of like material it seems that wound treatment since the but just my very impressed even positive The good thing with etsya well not admit material are I need to get along I need catch up with sits ie I direct you like this to combination plaschevki fur I think it would be and a heat bit and hooliganism It turns the crank and although it will be photo
  • 08:57: sports lock yes like sports style but at the expense of this material still color on the projection Lebanon views have You can transfer them skirt somehow Dress is not even despite the fact that a I write here he just so that the hide at the same time as hood, and if undo the It is obtained as collar Again, the matter this here, in general, I wanted to share that
  • 09:27: you impressions my from this process work if there what questions ask all good also sew if you try the question before choice to sew or not sew this the show feel free to buy and experiment neck of some of his model of all good Elena was with you Krasovskaja