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Edge binding magnificent columns  See details »

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  • 00:00: that of column it is so When you are tied up the product must somehow edge process I show one ways I specifically here made such a that is, a sample type neck and armholes He tied it near
  • 00:30: columns without sc this is a preview row and now we do piping from lush columns to start making sc without a column of He knit gingerbread column magnificent column may be any number sc Generally it is better if he So I would be a bit fancier He is now stretched thread
  • 01:01: Now four times captures the lush column do tack retreats the edge of the product 2 column and 3 I attach a column without nakida magnificent Here is such a column this butterfly was then again I I pull four times
  • 01:33: it is possible to pulling less the more it depends on your yarn I make a tack digress two columns I do not bar sc now, in general, that evident that such edge obtained interesting volume but the beauty of this knitting is that it very good falls by
  • 02:04: the longing for one It has a straight edge you can tie very different ways but if this neck line unique is its Two minutes from the column straight-retreat lines sometimes, in general, Strapping fall ill their rest here this tying it in general that fairly elastic
  • 02:35: it fits well on a legal line Now can we come to the line of inflection Now we have reached our unique lines are all the same I am doing the most magnificent column and anchoring nuance only
  • 03:08: where we attach Here you can also here go to 2 you can if you want to Now flatten the little corner you can skip 3 suppose the column that it is better laid down and then continue as that is despite legality it lays down binding very nice and has a just such a bulge
  • 03:39: that is, the edge is a beautiful see how this that's beautiful lush rail and turned Ali Kalnoy line it is quite beautiful fine