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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to connect and combine motifs unseparated manner. There are several ways to connect motives. For example, they can be polnlstyu tie, and then stitched together. You can combine motifs, make the connection in the last row of the circuit. How to make the connection, provyazyvaya last series, I showed in the video tutorial "Motives hook on the example of the scarf."
  • 00:32: When the motives we or sew, or to connect to the last row, then the thread will break off at the end of each motif. And there is one more option connection motifs - unseparated manner. That is, the transition from one motif to another worker thread does not need to break off. This method we'll see in this video tutorial.
  • 01:04: In this method, the first motif may be started either from the middle of the first motif or at the edge, on the last row. Knit must be very careful to carry out a description or chart correctly, to avoid mistakes. Otherwise dissolve have much. Getting Started.
  • 01:35: First knit motif from the middle. Naberom to start 6 stitches. And somknom them in the ring. 2 air lift loops
  • 02:07: And now in the ring knit lush column: nedovyazanny column with sc, more nedovyazanny column with sc. And now provyazyvaem 3 together
  • 02:38: 4 air loop. Next magnificent column, one column with nedovyazanny sc, nedovyazanny second column with nakida third And now knit together.
  • 03:13: Again 4 air loop. Lush columns must be in ringlet 6. So knit a number to the end. At the end of this circle knit loops 2 and the air column with the first nakida provyazyvaem lush column. Now provyazyvaem column without sc.
  • 04:00: Knit chain of five (5) overhead loops. Fasten it to the top of a lush column. More knit chain of five (5) overhead loops. Now fasten the column, without sc under the arches. Following chain of five (5) column anchoring stitches without nakida in lush column top.
  • 04:40: So knit a number to the end. At the end face 2 air loop, and the column sc knit with the first column without sc. That is, it is the connection and extension of arches Now knit under the same arches column without sc.
  • 05:18: And then knit chain of seven (7) stitches Is fixed under the following arches. 7 stitches, fix a column, without sc. So knit circle to the end.
  • 05:49: It remains the last arches. 3 air knit loop and a column with two sc in the first column without sc. He will also be the connection and will serve as an extension of arches. Now knit a chain polustolbik
  • 06:23: and 3 air lift loop. Now with 6 columns sc under the arch. Sc without a column under the following arches.
  • 07:10: And knit pico: 3 air loop attaches one column without a column, without sc sc. Further, 14 columns with the following sc under arches. Further, the column without sc and pico under the following arches.
  • 07:42: 7 columns with nakida under the following arochki Now, at this point we start to knit the next motif. To skip to the next tune is necessary to tie a chain of 21 loops.
  • 08:14: In this case, each loop counts, so the loop on the hook part of the scoreboard. This is the first loop, the second, third and so believe. 21 loop linked chain. Now consider for a center 6 stitches. The loop on the hook - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
  • 08:48: Loop consists of three threads. Introduce the hook under the upper 1 and turn so that the two were on top. And provyazyvaem connecting column. Now 2 air lift loop. Column with sc in the ring is taken out of the hinge hook. And now in the third loop of the chain loop of the stretch.
  • 09:27: We had a magnificent first column. Next provyazyvaem 4 Air and again a magnificent column, consisting of three columns with nedovyazannyh sc. All loops together on the hook. 4 the air, and so circle knit to the end, as in the first motif.
  • 10:00: 6 magnificent columns are connected. Knit two air loops and connect them with a chain. In the chain we find a second loop: in this column lush, 1, 2. Putting polustolbikom.
  • 10:34: Now knit a chain of five (5) overhead loops. We connect to the top of the magnificent column - a column without anchoring sc. Again 5 stitches, anchoring under arches. Again 5 stitches and fasten into the top of a lush column.
  • 11:14: And knit round until the end. There was last arches of the circle. Provyazyvaem 2 provyazyvaem air loop and a third loop polustolbik chain. Now knit arches of the seven (7) stitches.
  • 11:56: Anchoring column without sc under the arches of the previous round. And knit round until the end. There was last arches of the circle. 3 Provyazyvaem air polustolbikom loops and anchoring in the fourth air loop, 1,2,3,4.
  • 12:26: Provyazyvaem 2 air, and fix them with a chain. And provyazyvaem under arches sc with 5 columns.
  • 13:03: Now, without sc provyazyvaem column under the following arches, pico.
  • 13:33: And repeat the same things they were doing in the first motif. 14 columns with the following sc under arches. Ie knit 14 sc with columns, column, without sc with pico, 7stolbikov with sc and knit loop 21 to start the next motif.
  • 14:06: So knit tape of the motives to the desired length to us. A harness dovyazyvat motives Bedemyo when associate motifs of tape desired length. And so the right amount of Unas related motives. Now we will continue to fasten their motives and connect. From the place where a transition is made to the following reasons, continue.
  • 14:38: We connected with sc 7 bars, 7 more were binding. Now, without sc column, pico
  • 15:08: 14 columns with arches sc in next And we continue to fasten the first motive, until we reach the beginning of the last lap in the last motif. They tied a fully motif.
  • 15:49: In the last 7 columns arches tied with sc. Now connect polustolbikom the first loop. Knitting turn and continue to fasten the second motive. 7 columns with sc, column, without sc.
  • 16:44: For pico provyazyvaem 1 air loop, take the previous motif. We introduce the hook in the pico from the wrong side and connect polustolbikom. Provyazyvaem another air loop and fasten the pico column, without sc. Next provyazyvaem 7 columns with arches sc in next.
  • 17:25: Now just perform strapping round before it starts. 0: 17: 40.100,0: 17: 49.000 And then we continue to combine motifs in the same way as has been shown.