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  • 00:00: And now if to consider people more deeply the we speak that necessarily need be such homeostatic parameters such as traveling speed amount of blood formed elements in blood ph blood and so Of course, in its work we have explore supposing litmus test we periodically We are using the on Statement suppose We have licked shown here, see a ph of blood and now lick you posmot see what page and I look as if a ph
  • 00:31: Blood goes to Pasha saliva acidification 55 it means that the blood aggregating the there's blood matted we are here and how to solve this problem Of course you can challenge solved by liquefaction and here here here in dilution has are used the various systems we can have suppose to take add in the morning man takes or rather before washed or something I help it took Rinse mouth
  • 01:00: soda solution or I took a glass of water warm little one third of a teaspoon soda added, and this is Soda suck the blood changed immediately state erythrocytes We received the charge and look under the tim floor Of course the microscope can be used more expensive some drugs such as coral Calcium can be simple by to take a little bit soda is added and this is if a person has some kind of pathology pathology suppose, too,
  • 01:30: mushroom or there viral nature the need to create that the conditions to These viruses do not bred and here then used These assistants means that allow us to change blood ph because basically viruses and fungi thrive in acidic environment and now, or we you a little bit later we have a deeper focus on mushrooms because the bulk of the people who to us People come to this
  • 02:00: Fungus infestation and you may have Now we are watching a movie here on the mold and the role played mold our lives almost certainly after the age of 30 years rarely found man who absent molds in the body Well, here is our with you task given here all creating creating temperature conditions in the blood let This will but it forced as a temporary situation
  • 02:30: when a person suppose begins use The same cup of warm Water with a little the amount of soda I did when I was in Institute we had teacher on its physiology considered by some, he crazy because that he did not fit in the theme that that is, he said, I told you guys here you have to work with the athletes you have to carry go out with sick people, and that's not to himself
  • 03:00: very sick when a simple google and present when all around you ill flu mornings and evenings most start drinking a simple glass of warm water and hot water half teaspoon of baking soda add and these half a spoon We solve your task first too We treated it so but now when engaged in belly when we have opportunity see the blood patient who to We came to see before the procedure look up
  • 03:30: the adoption of the same soda or after the adoption of soda, and we see that It is happening in body and we see what positive ie shifts and our you challenge here is how just because you say lead body human homeostasis ie normal the state of the blood there is blood in the perfect condition must be and crossed, and that's how times in this respect work has Dr. Simoncini is there are Italian imagine that cure brain cancer cancer
  • 04:01: kidney breast cancer which is very bad treated almost difficult to manage task breast prostate prostate cancer bowel Rab using soda that is he oncologist Italian he began dig soda solutions into the vein bicarbonate of soda but I'll give you information through online you Internet can go to his website and interesting to see
  • 04:30: options and that's me somewhere in two or three days I call from America woman that I gave Simoncini address it I contacted him and we her problem skin cancer she contacted Simoncini Simoncini I sent her a book on For this book, both in using the textbook soda somewhere Cutting somewhere doing lotions soda ash iodine and the problem went away and here she called me Thank you for that I suggested this
  • 05:02: the person she is with him Written off contacted he gave her and just knowledge that is it her I gave information and this information is I decided my problem their task