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  • 00:00: Hello There are many recipes cooking curd Easter Easter raw and cooked custard way We offer you a prescription curd custard raisins hit th Easter one kilogram curd wipe through a sieve recipe cottage cheese you found under breakfast on our site or
  • 00:31: in Russian add in cottage cheese a pinch of salt 200 grams of sugar mixer on low speed or manually good rub the continuing to rub add 150 grams soft butter oil and 250 grams sour cream occasionally remove from the walls
  • 01:01: bowls of cottage cheese continuing to rub add one 2 eggs carefully rub the ground in the within three to four minutes we shift resulting cottage cheese in pan with thick walls and constantly rubbing heated on medium heat until first appearance bubbles
  • 01:30: in any case not boil remove from fire and put on ice and we continue to rub until curd not cool down in the chilled cottage cheese add 2 teaspoons spoon vanilla sugar 150 g raisins 100 grams cleaned and crushed almond mix cleaning recipe from the almond shell
  • 02:01: please visit our Online or in Russian section cooking Tricks can add lemon zest pasochnitsa lining wet clean gauze and spread it cottage cheese if you do not pasochnitsa possible use the new plastic flower pot
  • 02:31: cottage cheese cover with gauze and put into a deep dishes under the yoke ship in refrigerator for 24 hours leaking liquid you need to pour 24 hours overturn brew curd Pascu on a plate remove the cheesecloth and decorate with candied fruit in according to your
  • 03:00: taste and imagination We serve for the holiday table Easter Week Easter spring mood and Bon Appetit
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