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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello I decided to make a video at blade manufacturing Blade made of steel t x 13 very good strong steel handle so did typesetting handle sorry reservoir rams it's all we have planted Now on epoxy itself will process
  • 00:30: so you do not tiring process processing I yet turn off the camera while when it will handle ready to include and the fruit will show his creativity klinochek to my site made pretty well bred all downhill polished all of that is pretty yet beautifully Well a job dealing necessarily show that from this happened
  • 01:09: Well I decided to withdraw eg that is not the stage that I got hilt in my opinion get very not bad at all very interesting the material has been selected for the manufacture of hilt but yet again repeat this intermediate stage this is not final option we handle
  • 01:31: made of vinyl plastic their cloaks snip it scored at the blade on very little white front then we PTFE Well, as we can see God and enough God is essential what kind of place which connects individual segments knife, I think that this be avoided but it did not work adds some
  • 02:02: interestingness even knife and say Blade launched very in my opinion, too nice to see everything downhill polished It shines like a mirror viniplast very good too processed but It is also seen places junction where he and sits on a poxy cars but he will still he has refined will be adjust oneself
  • 02:30: polished final version of that It got a little a little later photograph and lay out Now that we turned in final ruchechki embodiment of viniplast combined with Teflon itself
  • 03:00: klinochek derive very nice ears polished all here it is here it is, we have such turned transition to the Winnie plasti insensibly to almost 2 the formation and the transition and on the other hand all in the same way we It turned but in the hands of he still overwrite for polished and will shine like marble Polished is
  • 03:30: I want you show all thanks for all good luck, bye