Beautiful leaf for a kanzasha rose without the special kanzashi rose tools  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, I name is Olga, and in this video I'll show you how make beautiful petal without special instruments for that we It needs template soldering and patterns we We have done in the past video on him, I add a link that time the bottom right corner I even have a soldering iron no soldering trained cautery on wood
  • 00:31: not very convenient want I have a special head already under execution Are you not a wheel I have to get I use here such Flower us leaflets us now we get it is necessary to treat it what else we You need a spoon and pad for were not What made their I took the pillow ordinary sponges
  • 01:02: washing dishes it is the way very convenient they can be glued together well, there are some not comes top turns miracle pads we add our half leaf carry So we spent
  • 01:36: a spark from the machine received 1 point crease centrists even found so much gets outlines we now take our cushion and spoon cat desirable choose a that it was not very sharp yet bear round thick Our heat the spoon and carry on
  • 02:09: leaflets spoon be heated much longer than It is shown at least 1 time then when warm up process It will go pretty fast There is only done in this way will very beautiful and carefully if you do not
  • 02:45: soldering not Vyzhigatel loss take advantage of old method more easy to do cut off square and 15 centimeters add up the front hand into diagonally neatly I pile and hold sechu on us
  • 03:16: got inside center our folds It can be found at folds now returns original Eunice. a then add up what has been cut off and just cut a leaflet with our Policy here is our leaflet
  • 03:57: Now we will have to pay it over candle each time a little bit tighten up that he has acquired not for the bump So we ended up here this leaflet We now obtain Again, we take our pad for drilling and a spoon in the previous version also spend
  • 04:27: Leaflets for 2 times I hope this video you turned thanks for the helpful review