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IDEAL PUFF PASTRY. The classical recipe and all sekretik from the Marmalade Fox. PUFF PASTRY - YouTube  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends in console marmalade and foxes today we do welcome puff pastry If you want to know how easy and simple roll 256 layers dough and butter Stay with me and do not miss the section sekretiki and so puff pastry It consists of two Often it is the dough itself directly tight elastic fresh dough and butter We start with the first part I then sifted Two cups of flour and
  • 00:30: 250 cups if milliliters weighed on the scales it will be 320 grams very desirable flour Sift to there come across any large particles so that they then do not broke our very thin thin layers I here and add salt very little is where a quarter teaspoon if you will prepare the sweet pastries this much salt if you add You want to make a puff say cheese some khachapuri the
  • 01:00: you may well a little more salt added because it will not be quite felt and I have here a quarter tsp apple cider vinegar, I I pour apple vinegar in water in water I 200 milliliters instead of apple vinegar can be taken several crystals citric acid acid, we need to to make more dough These elastic gluten fibers from
  • 01:30: become acid such a resilient and they will be better then unroll we simply knead good stiff dough if you want to be the add a little bit more flour, and that's themselves specifically requested try not to
  • 02:04: forget the extra dough flour well, so a little bit if tan feel that the stick This dough should be very well mixed directly so good remember it for about 5 minutes and or ten if you I have time and desire and be sure to think while about something A good test is very absorb us and thoughts Here is the dough obtained consistency as dumplings packed
  • 02:34: in his or plenochku bag if you want can just bowls I leave the rest on Half an hour is very important factor be sure to let dough rest the second part is 200 grams of butter oil I sliced Now such arbitrary I diced them
  • 03:04: Now add tablespoon of flour and just try Stir and mash well if oil It is not too soft but It is not enough try not to this is too hard and did not necessarily you can not add flour in oil but it desirable when Oil will be more such as it is told to keep
  • 03:35: bunch will not then mixed with our test will be more denominated oil layers now I to do this Unit piece of paper baking applied its oil is always see, it is not is too soft work much I need you more comfortable
  • 04:05: shape pryamougolnichek or leave the box it is very important to him thickness was about 5-7 millimeters is also very critical as the already there you will I add it to the two sides boil flip seam
  • 04:47: down and now take skalochku and good distribute oil in there to make it or in an even layer and remembered here these voids Now this oil
  • 05:24: box now I I put it in refrigerator somewhere 20 minutes just for it time to rest the dough then we will roll out but all the dough rested oil can harden start itself the main part little sprinkle oil surface skype one side will lie down do such beautiful
  • 05:54: rovnenky more or less ball and a good sharp knife cut crosswise but not cut to end and somewhere to here are half cuts now we turned these 4 petals say so and we do a gut-wrenching ice creams and now every
  • 06:26: we petal roll out their side but this the central part we will not be in order to it remained slightly thickened sprinkle with flour so than try smaller meal course but nowhere to batter not stuck that it does not I broke every petal should be somewhere in this size how this is our oil middle, and here, too,
  • 06:57: a plus sign with us Got it mean I do not know of the visible or not but where is the 4 times thicker than here those at the edges Put the oil on power pick and alternately Cover
  • 07:29: every petals be sure to remove all the flour is good if there Brush I sweep mumkin Now the brush is not nothing wrong with you realized so why should we seredinku do thicker if we just 4 petals of Now let us need to about the same we have the dough It was the top and bottom We are now ready
  • 08:05: our need to Roll out the dough 7 Geth thickness millimeters can centimeter the less you experience rolling dough those can thicker make this layer not just to break in the first initially until you else well know how feel the dough very carefully gradually to to nothing torn us
  • 08:35: try here equally well rolling pin to press and the most important thing try roll as only one direction like this upright horizontally, we will only a little drive up to make appropriate we form here say here is rounded I will stop slightly mistimed Statement and but the important thing
  • 09:05: direction like this from himself and to his to watch constantly under test It was flour but that it was not just too much to nothing stuck sweep away all the flour is at we have a layer of oil we now assume very carefully as
  • 09:36: You do add up race half but it's us you just need to outline the middle of a here it is and here we Now this middle, each mate add up choose a certain letter you can always sweep because it can make our dough too hard while baking will tasteless will not air and a second mate
  • 10:07: and now add up as a booklet we had a layer of oil and now we formed a whole four layers here We turn over again that we had such a vertically Us
  • 10:37: pryamougolnichek a little flour I added and again will roll just the same as last time very carefully Apply gentle pressure and very evenly and We try to copy possibly work as quickly if you do not it turns quickly to work with the dough after each rolling put it in
  • 11:07: refrigerator for minutes 15-20 to oil I cooled cool enough in the room and I quickly Roll out because I I do 2 for rolling time just remove flour try on and our center and again add up the form of booklets
  • 11:37: we had four layers Now we are back at 4 laid unrolled already happened 16 layers Now when we two times rolling Our dough is greater than he not roll out put in the refrigerator in First to pour Oil and secondly
  • 12:07: very important for relaxation was windows gluten it should well again to rest there flour which we to prevent it all relaxed and It becomes again elastic and soft He will start on ill tell packed in plenochku I put it somewhere on half an hour there if you will not get time you can it for a couple of hours leave look like you are comfortable and so the dough
  • 12:38: I rested again I put it short party in October they'll roll as well as in the previous two times sweep away all the flour and We put all in last time As you remember we there were 16 layers of dough now my serve well back to 416 for four 64 layers will I
  • 13:10: a little warmer and I I see that it is not necessary roll again Now I put the dough in the refrigerator to she again bit froze see here here a little sticky a must pay for it attention to the dough your not broken otherwise no layers at we will not packs it though least 20 minutes just
  • 13:40: to oil solidified frozen dough and now the last an approach so we in our dough which was 64 yours They lay down again four times sixty-four on four turns 256
  • 14:10: layers like that all It was easy just 4 rolling Our dough is ready Now it needs to be put in refrigerator again so that it is well frozen for at least an hour then it will be possible to roll and shape our product or it can be freeze also here so it looks like home stretch sprinkle with flour table
  • 14:40: Put the dough Now my Roll thickness but somewhere in 2mm what should be the thickness when you make the product May dough ready yet not roll out until the end but I looked that if I do it in two Roll out a millimeter it will be very a large reservoir and I want my dough freeze
  • 15:10: and to do so each portion was on once because see if you thawed and dough tool it is necessary to have all use of time because I will cut him in half so it will be simply more convenient keep this piece and postpone this time which second alternately smaller and even test beds
  • 15:40: simply banal easier to roll out can now be roll out to all sides most importantly, do it neatly because you remember we have 256 layers of finest Test Well somewhere in the your meter rolled dough much do like this I take a piece of paper for baking
  • 16:10: which size and this corresponds to so neatly We cheat it this You do not need to do it if too dense the body will be below here Mukattam not immediately it baste in the course of all often seemed so Now almost ducts
  • 16:40: We wrapped it in plastic wrap is fresh help low as you can see it turned as the store exactly the end of then simply you put it in freezer and necessity get your hands disclose and Keep at room temperature until it melted and now
  • 17:10: put it in honor and bag as if she did not object with and freezer money stuck to ready not park rublikov sekretiki well Friends start with the first and most to me it seems important quality and quantity about the quality of oil what can I say I it seems that there should be good
  • 17:41: quality oil you you can use margarine seems to me that it makes no sense used in this case, you can simply go to the store and Buy ready-made dough industrial conditions they have it and we are doing all these dreams and very cool rolled it very cool but growing thing that I worried about this test it using because margarine probably the only reason what to do at home use it good butter Oil and try find oil that now you know
  • 18:12: make butter mines composition says that there cream from cow but when you milk bet to get it from the refrigerator does not put at room temperature just a few minutes of this oil It gets some so too soft so almost liquid I think you know about what butter is better not to say to use such because it is due Now this fluid her she can absorbent layers dough and then the dough is grow as the
  • 18:42: you can use second good oil This amount of oil as you can see as many as 200 grams us Basically not much a large number of I used the test person from the book economics is very old so you know who it classic recipe and it stated that it the number of test It goes from 200 to 300 I took grams of butter only 200 grams it the least number that this indicates the book was written
  • 19:13: it is considered that the the more oil the dough is obtained more luxuriant and tasty, I do not know 200 grams it seems to me It is enough oily do not need More Puff very grows well but I constantly thinking well, why so much oil because you can do a little less oil Well 6 layers for the same rolls around and I I tried it the number of test use 100 grams oil and I have all turned layer thereto
  • 19:44: It was such a it is oily It was such a dry yet very aerial and tasty because you see if you reduce the caloric content of its Puff can safely use 150 and then one hundred grams of oil 40 get 2 air temperature ideal when air temperature from 15 to 17 degrees Celsius This is enough cool place but with these conditions, your butter melts and it constantly It is enough
  • 20:14: it is very hard good for you one approach roll twice dough as I did in for the first time then I already saw that we oil gave little because had his fridge if you do not put can do such cool conditions its premises is a very good cool and butter before as start to roll layers can even put your rolling pin refrigerate learn These items try
  • 20:45: the most cool and then after each rolling Leave the dough in refrigerator for minutes 20 to make it again froze and still very interesting point if you want to you can a quarter of the water that is used for dough replace some strong alcohol there vodka cognac rum in general, such sorokagradusnuyu Malka not Gaulle worry when you bake dough there will no alcohol it all
  • 21:15: but it evaporates It makes it much puff more air and so that's all these layers such drier and oil is obtained and very well them as even how to explain vodka even use in recipes for donut or let other products in which zhalyatsya large number of oil in deep fat just Spirko It starts very quickly evaporate and he did not It gives this oil
  • 21:45: soak into the dough and It turns out more a dry and and choke It is also very good but we never have no alcohol my house is not We eat not for from this city 50 grams of vodka buy a whole bottle me it's pointless and if you have you are welcome use and so when we We gathered our dough bake last times when we peals need necessarily put it back in refrigerator at least even for an hour and can be night to put
  • 22:15: she's well to expose and oil well frozen and cooled it will make a puff more magnificent when you will form their products It is sure to make them easier to very sharp knife or so you know wheel for pizza because if the knife he will not be sharp with me edges of the dough and perhaps because of this, layers not stick together and rise is good dough and also if you want to grease their products where egg or
  • 22:45: let water sugar is meaningless it should be lubricate only up and the edges are not Grease also on same reason that layers do not stick together and that they could well disperse bake puff needed very good preheated oven 220-240 degrees Celsius we need to oil not had time to melt and We need to begin to flow make it very quickly so you know I boil to evaporate it just 1 time push these layers
  • 23:15: test and how much increase because necessarily very good heat your oven and Recently it want tell about your I experiment I tried to do puff pastry from boots and I have all happened if you basically to flour was more healthy wholegrain the use slot does not work a lush but the Yet it get a good but friends like You see all turned
  • 23:46: very simple and there is nothing complicated there is such a terrible cook puff do not be afraid I wish you success and all will be well healthy while