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  • 00:01: compare years for sex two species were produced and a mixture of high-tech Popov designed for devices boom cement-based screeds but we do not lead to reprisals against complex women home tie mixtures region intended for woman manufacturing experience due to layer 1 80 millimeters associated with floating base
  • 00:30: ties seem to law operated both outside and inside buildings including premises with high humidity floor unit on the already discovered edition base chosen for screed It must be durable fragile crumbling sections must be removed mechanically it was
  • 01:01: base should really cleaned of contaminants Exhibition of bitumen oil and other hundreds of women adhesion strength leveling layer to prevent drying screeds decrease the amount of air coming to the surface base to be processed primer permissible substrate temperature from + 5 minute to plus 30 degrees
  • 01:52: for normal grounds for such conflicts inside and outside the premises apply primer deep penetration wagon for highly absorbent
  • 02:01: second base screed paper you if necessary sell twice with an interval of 2 hours after applying the first layer after priming gives to dry at least one hour at normal humidity if Indoor humidity high time the primer has dried increase using level discourage a horizontal line around the perimeter room EC
  • 02:32: set to go find some what theft stretching and leveled at group 3 After drying the slightest and spanking ground
  • 03:01: solution for preparing screeds it is necessary to travel kneading frost clean tap water out of the five to three years 27 degrees the rate of 0 13 0 15 liters per kilogram of dry mixture such the mixture was gradually added to the water and is stirred with a mixer to give smooth then pause as five minutes dissolution of all components, and stirred a second time ready to store media mobility within two hours at this understanding is not
  • 03:31: allowed overdose falls as its surplus is and peeling strength loss leveling layer as well as appearance of cracks using a mixture solution Koloduk It fits between seafarers leveled screed using trapezoidal pierced couples guiding mariners pounds
  • 04:05: to this occasion this year the court, if necessary, seven, eight hours the surface and that can be In St. Petersburg plastic pre-grated value smoothes the surface fitness walking in a day hours
  • 04:31: at a temperature of 20 at a lower temperatures, time increases to twelve hours Drying time depends on the screed layer thickness and temperature humidity now ready to matters they are 3 four weeks laying ceramic tiles possible through May 3 meters decorative masonry coatings made mandatory humidity control with an appropriate base recommendation not to manufacturers if the work on laying the screed
  • 05:00: held technology you can be confident in final result mixture in the lead demand is for high quality Baranova fixed bases such school as in the concrete wall found a typo together so as 5100 millimeters in premises with normal humidity after drying the floor surface without further processing for prior to finishing coating linoleum laminate flooring and other base chosen for alignment
  • 05:31: It must be sound fragile crumbling sections must be removed mechanically allowable temperature the base and in the future to plus 33 degrees the foundation of the republic needed to clear from contaminants Bystrov battle other mass reducing the strength of Clutch leveling layer to prevent the appearance on the surface of air bubbles and ensure uniform warehouse
  • 06:00: Eagle leveling base layer must be treated primer among normal and slightly absorbent basis such as concrete inside premises applies to a wagon for the Volga these papers you presenter base such as China cement necessary publish two or three times at intervals of the ROC four o'clock
  • 06:40: in the hall of the capital club act Only after the complete drying of trades Metallurg Donetsk at the junction to lay foul synthesizing gasket as a gasket uses EPS tape not less than five height millimeters thick 50 100 mm, depending on the level of poured full
  • 07:20: when receiving the horizontal floor surface it is recommended to identify future the thickness of the alignment layer using lasers exhibits
  • 07:30: essay on the area of ​​the premises at without leveling can use if the base level the subfloor is not large deviations per liter of this can be done if nature thanks to its self leveling the properties of the solution with a mixture of a full break good news spreads on area and is aligned with the the horizon for the preparation of wedges solution necessity of capacity noted on there clean tap water temperature five to twenty five degrees of calculating 0 30 0 1 36 liters
  • 08:01: kg dry mixture gradually adding the dry mixture They are stirred and evening for homogeneous fluid If necessary, add water permissible limits then pauses March 5 minutes dissolution of all components, and stirred solution was ready for the second time mixtures retain viability 60 minutes attention is not allowed overdose of water since excess water results the red and strength loss alignment layer and the appearance
  • 08:30: cracks Self-leveling floors in Vladimir Express can be applied to mechanized way prepared mixture solution poured evenly over the entire floor area yes fitted and layer thickness Fill necessary to carry out the process for sixty minutes before setting media walls at uniform thin coating layer of 70 millimeters is recommended to work hold for third parties sink Mixing self-leveling floor with a hand two men mixer for clean
  • 09:01: ten minutes will be able to prepare a solution two hundred and forty kilograms of dry the mixture is 12 bags this will allow for a single cycle of their area 12 square meters of its approximately 15 millimeters if the calculated volume poured on much more followed by a break in the area technology areas that can pouring in one cycle i.e. up to 60 minutes immediately after the grout must be remove them from the mass level to remove air bubbles
  • 09:30: when the thickness of the cast floor to 20 millimeters applying you'd February 4 years safely the sound theater family July 5 millimeters with a major Pack family shadow 20 mm with it rolled solution fraction across the surface covenants starting with areas adjacent system columns if the layer thickness is greater than 20 millimeters used Iraq to Lebanon Does cancer run throughout the area occupied performing vertical surface motion for the creation of full-length
  • 10:00: movies more aligned solution independently the drying self-leveling floor It depends on the temperature of layer thickness humidity and air velocity at flowering time in the self-leveling floor During the first two days Avoid drafts and direct sunlight constant ventilation starting from the third day after pouring Polotsk accelerates the process we keep walking each no way 4 six o'clock
  • 10:30: You can upload files via 72 hours average time of complete drying two to three weeks after drying, self-leveling floors issue them ideal The surface is ready for laying the finish decorative covering decorative coatings tab produced mandatory humidity control base in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations if the work We carried on Technology you can be fully confident in final result