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  • 00:00: hello today bake Smetannikov There are many different recipes preparation of this cake is preparing a cake Smetannikov of small the number of products and it has a very gentle taste and aroma first prepare dough mixer bowl we place 50 grams soft butter oil add one packet of vanilla
  • 00:30: sugar and about 100 grams of sugar sand from prepared in 250 mix the resulting mass at average speed add 250 grams cream and the remaining sugar during mixing one times purify wall bowls to reduce the speed
  • 01:00: minimum and add Two cups of flour for baking instead of flour Baking can be use plain white flour adding baking powder mix up of receipt homogeneous dough The resulting dough divide in 2 parts and one half add one tablespoon top cocoa mix up of receipt uniform
  • 01:30: chocolate dough but detachable form diameter 26 centimeters was covered with paper baking and lubricates put half light dough hands soaked in water We distribute the dough for The bottom of the form bake at temperature 200 degrees Celsius about 15 minutes
  • 02:01: same and decompose bake another and two light chocolate porridge ready shortcakes spread on grill remove paper and give cool When cakes are cool they are dry but cake soaked cream will be soft and prepare tender sour cream
  • 02:30: Put a bowl of mixer 500 grams cold fatty sour cream and at least 25-27 and the percentage of fatness add 150 grams sugar and one bag vanilla sugar to whisk maximum speed until lush cream We proceed to the assembly cake on a platter smear a little
  • 03:00: put cream chocolate cake thickly it lubricates sour cream and strew crushed toasted nuts sour cream and used in cake cooking Lady fingers recipe which has on our website or in Russian section and cakes cakes
  • 03:31: We put a light on top shortcake as thick grease his sour cream strew crushed toasted nuts and so on alternating shortcakes upper cake put smooth side and whole cake daubed sour cream on the surface of cake of the half nuts Put the picture or ornament sprinkle lightly
  • 04:01: crushed nuts Cake sides densely sprinkle with nuts We hold the cake Smetannikov in refrigerator for at least 12 hours and serve to sweet table tea or coffee pleasant tea