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  • 00:03: Good morning, you are ready breakfast rather first create our Breakfast we are says that cook and eggs sugar butter we need 100 g softened butter oatmeal and cashews fly and so one hundred grams softened butter this is where the floor packs I rub sugar what was that soon will call on
  • 00:30: Using the technique in the morning Every year the city butter sugar fairly It is fast becoming homogeneous mass adding that one egg divides into two forever left aside for add a minute beans cashew nuts is
  • 01:02: polchaynoy salt spoons arisia can be replaced any brand any other nuts you like to taste very well this the recipe will hazelnuts large pieces here and so there these mortar and became very if there is no pestle and mortar take a rolling pin nuts which goods towel buckle so follow the edge to nothing spilled and eat a rolling pin Nut in the morning sometimes very well to energizes it is better to side with sports depths so cup nuts away
  • 01:33: student days when the nuts were food unachievable luxury biscuits done only oatmeal and completely perceived as nut and It called cookies walnut seriously cup rolled oats Takanori go until Hercules Knead after we whipped sugar
  • 02:00: butter and eggs all the rest is just vymeshivayut flour 2 cups flour it is to cook on dough consistency first add 1 glass knead and if we already have the dough to arrange a second half a glass of not and add dough obtained then a watery we have in stock half a cup of flour will turned consistency test
  • 02:30: that I almost hold more not a little flour like to to slap balls I assure now white lacquer chocolate biscuits is which can be green chocolate can generally do without chocolate drying add example June or something candied dried fruit a dried cherry cranberries in general, all that you have It is at hand is such I would say, classical base oatmeal cookies in We happen to this shortbread oil the basis of a very, very very tasty any non-additive
  • 03:00: You can give it the taste of which you personally likable oven temperature you have 180 degrees I need to warm up and before that is here just when you They came in the kitchen We turn on the oven and then do dough I did white chocolate I did not is ground too finely see leaving What do you get such chips Now knead chocolate that he evenly distribute this prepare dough pan for this I
  • 03:30: need and rented for baking I grease the wholly olive oil is It possesses no pronounced smell so very good for baking suitable winter Velcro here it is now make such balls we roll flour I do not know how I love you cookies is small but
  • 04:00: not one bite as do Beads put in the pan and that's how press We get such round and the cannon they will not perfect right form even better so immediately obvious to the hammam done at home I will have somewhere 20 pieces of of cookies from this Kurtz and bake it in oven for 15-20 minutes and until the pastry making baked
  • 04:30: charging Our cookies ready see what they golden remarkable fragrant with oat nuts here is a wonderful morning have you turned Bon Appetit and for tomorrow or get ready some white I fish hard cheese I will use Parmesan and a lot of lots of greenery pleasant you are