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  • 00:00: I'm cooking Balkan cheesecakes we need 1 teaspoon dry yeast I use here such 1 yeast Shichko 450 grams sifted
  • 00:30: flour 220 milliliters water addition of 221 grams butter 65 grams of sugar 75 grams soft cheese a pinch of salt well it somewhere grams and a3 add to the dough oil should be
  • 01:00: different cheese must I kneaded the dough into bread maker Here's a bun it turns out in the end will air soft dough yet kneaded on possible spy then It will rise and already the lid can not be open the new The dough may depend also manually Connect all ingredients you need
  • 01:30: dough is well mixed put in a bowl cover with foil and put in a warm place for 1 hour to the dough is well It increased in size only then It will be with him work well until the dough suitable We need to make the stuffing for cheesecakes this will require 325 grams of soft 1 egg curd 3 tablespoons 4 tablespoons sour cream spoons of sugar with a slide sugar can be put at your discretion on
  • 02:00: your taste for longer or pinch baby salt vanilla sugar 10 grams you can also add raisins here or any other I have not dried I add now 40 need to break good to a stuffing in sleeping but so it should be void if you It seems to live in this
  • 02:34: You can add flour to thickeners if on the contrary it seems add another blank media and so I love you deal in creamy or Pichko did not give up signalku then the dough is ready here it is wonderful fluffy soft dough the dough should be well obmyat floured
  • 03:05: here it is a food friend it is now possible divide into parts that I cut a piece but it shed its groomsman not through the same somewhere I need one pillow about 70 grams of total succeed
  • 03:38: 12 girlfriends into 12 equal parts now you need from roll each ball for this all corners you need to collect seredke all edges protection as a roll ball
  • 04:10: and such a stand We need to build I leave the shed where
  • 04:51: the two centimeters of are we going to do cartoons and you need them stretch to the desired we lengths cartoons uneven this room where they thicker where needed Be more pull careful not to tear the you see how they stretchy is not labor where is here and so
  • 05:36: earth and 3 times begin screw This will I figure their feet need moisten the
  • 06:06: and reliably than good Now the tabs are only is a beautiful you can put a lot of Cover the filling baking baker paper I have them no grease shift his friends cover film and leave in warm place
  • 06:37: half an hour to lift girlfriend markedly increase immediately Now they need to be lubricate the face Only the edge of the middle I do not need to be look fat after stuffing that they should be put in the oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 210 degrees