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Cucumber kimchi (Oi-sobagi: )  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello all Today, I make OI-sobagi. Hot and spicy kimchi option stuffed. With this option Kirby ... This is 2 pounds. Really beautiful size I've seen this already, let's make a pocket! About 1/2 inch all night 'bit here. This is
  • 00:33: "" Here"" "" Package "option" "" Oqtaa because I see some brown stuff. *Throw* "" "Then .. we will put this salt."
  • 01:11: "We use 2 tablespoons of salt." * Scratch * Now, I'm going to make stuffing, this is buchu, Leek Carrots, onions, garlic
  • 01:44: We will add the chili flakes and fish sauce. * Shredder Shredder Shredder * I Alfdm one cup. Leek Asian Let me add the onion Cutting machines cutting So I'm going to cut Hmambacrh from here, like this. This is also about one cup.
  • 02:17: And carrot. One carrot Jehm central I'm going to cut in slices longitudinal You can provide longitudinal segments like this, or you can make his voice lift
  • 02:52: Awakened family We need garlic 4 cloves of chopped garlic. I have almost completed.
  • 03:23: Everything has been cut And then all we can do is blended with spices. Because of the salt, and water in the bottom. Just turn it over, so Mild chili flakes, I use. This half cup. And fish sauce. 3 tablespoons Mlako one sugar A quarter cup of water. Confuse confuse confuse
  • 03:53: I like to add sesame seeds I go to this rinse off excess salt quickly. Salt was removed unnecessary. Stuff is nice.
  • 04:33: OI-sobagi is very easy to manufacture ...
  • 05:09: 30 minutes you made It was 20 minutes Salting The choice of fresh very tasty. If you want this ferment, and let it sit on the kitchen table for a few days, And then, slightly sour taste and pickled. Personally, I always I offer a small boost because I love fresh OI-sobagi. When you have a ceremony for the grill you can make this It's really popular
  • 05:43: To taste this, it made me boribap Ammmmmm Fresh bori-bap and oi-sobagi If you have time, you can also make Clink The sauce does not need to be warm because this is enough (because it is hot) I would recommend making the soup is spicy. Doenjang Guk Radish soup or beef.
  • 06:16: It's okay to be with each other I'll taste it for you! Use scissors. Cut off his head. rice Or, delicious! Fresh - always my favorite. I'm going to probably end today, two -, with more rice. Enjoy Bossfti. See you next time. Bay. good bye