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  • 00:00: for we do our work we We're going to need a baby bulb more. there can be any line or line Your preference is because this point
  • 00:30: I'll give the idea with wool because it works to keep from baby and to jacket I find it very interesting to make a good job a measure that you will make later a measure according to a work that you will do in case if it is a
  • 01:00: manta about 80 50 and dance 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 24 and 25 Do you understand what this is like? that you know now that I
  • 01:30: I'm doing a points festival. is our first video of festival of points I will go up 3 and I'm going to make a high point at each career base point above or a point for each previous career track Ok, we'll do it until we get here. in the end while the cars are going here in the end of my career will rise 3
  • 02:02: and I'm going to turn my people I work here on the second high point I I will make three high points together in same touch point two three rings up 3 chains in the next high point I will put three high points at the same point in the career
  • 02:33: previous I'm going to make three chains, I'm going to jump. two high points from his previous career in the third high point three more points at the same point OK again 3 chains the 12 point previous career highs in the third
  • 03:04: Hight point three points at the same point 3 by two points on the third Hight point plus three high points together let's do let's do three High points together alone in the last
  • 03:38: high point of his previous career in end of my work the three high points a high point alone here at the last point of the basic career I went to work in this first high point second because the first one a new make a point about it a high point
  • 04:10: At the next point I came here to make a high point is here again pick up I'm going to make another little ball, writing for behind make three high points
  • 04:50: point at a first point in the three high points I'm going to make three the next point one of the three points will skip that three chains of mine again I go get inside so do another as if it were a hoop line with the high point the released on the needle shot two and two more doing
  • 05:20: High point and I'm going to make two more highlights forming then three high points here within the first three point stock and I go make three more strings and next point same way three high points of the first high point three points is very easy and we Let's do it, so the first one
  • 05:54: career is getting we will do so until the end the work of points the high point upon always the point high above last point 3 the first point of the three high points we have just
  • 06:27: to run we'll make three more high points inside and we will do our three high points there is no secret is a point that you Look, that's hard, but he talks. It's super simple and looks pretty good. mainly in baby blanket
  • 06:57: do not miss this baby opportunity that is very cool 3 lines in the next Only I step inside here. plus three high points 3 chains at the next point inside from the first point of the three high points
  • 07:27: career content in a loop needle I step inside here I get inside the first point I turn around and it 's like it's a Ring to make it easier to Work, ok? Look how's it going? super interesting people this point is very cool, very cool, very beautiful reminding you that you are doing the festival of points
  • 07:58: this is the point that I am teaching you the number one of the festival will have several points that will processing the running of sweaters in blankets coats ok I go To do this festival, I'm thinking. also do a budd festival urges intercalate You're just not having flowers. will have rugs going to have several works still differentiated from our
  • 08:28: classes, that 's how it goes. three chains again I come here the first I'm going to do the three high points 're now three little chains goal here again take the first point
  • 08:58: three points three points high 23 chains next next point again here are three high points and by the way here about ours a little dot here
  • 09:31: side I'm going to make a high point about it to finish here our career and It's going to be like this, people are working. the other careers are totally same as that has no secret in the end you can from your blanket your in case here you can finish in points to look like here with the start of the point looks only interesting that looks good person
  • 10:01: I hope you have enjoyed the one jewelry if you like it is for to advertise my work sign up for channel and until the next video