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Hand bell hook. Kolokolchik1. (crochet) of How To - Crochet a Christmas Bell Decoration  See details »

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  • 00:00: greetings to all and fans of knitting offer associate's so beautiful New Year bell which decorate your Christmas tree or It is enjoyable gift your friends for work It needs yarn The main requirement for yarn to make it thin enough then all products New turn light tracery
  • 00:31: You need a hook and scissors dovyazyvaem 3 aerial loops and closable in a ring connective loop is knitted air loop and ring provyazyvaem 7 2 columns, without sc 3
  • 01:06: 456 7 this number we call 3 Air loop 1 2 3 in the same loop
  • 01:43: provyazyvaem post with sc air the following loop loop provyazyvaem 2 with the column sc loop airbag 2 column with sc and so knit to the end
  • 02:14: We combine a number of series after the bars with sc provyazyvaem air loop We should combine a number of get 8 elements of knit one loop with columns sc 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 knit the next row
  • 02:48: between the couple columns with sc provyazyvaem 2 loops column, without sc between the posts with sc where we are provyazyvali one loop provyazyvaem one loop of column without sc so to provyazyvaem
  • 03:20: end of the row number knit connective loop join series knit the next row dovyazyvaem 4 Air loop 1 2 3 4 and the second loop one missing and in second provyazyvaem column without nakida 1 2 3 4 skip the loop
  • 03:55: knit second way knit to end of row We identified a number obtained twelve arochek two or three times 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 is knitted mesh of stitches to go to
  • 04:25: the next row can be provyazat polustolbik once Then we have a number of start mid arochki vyvyazyvayut 4 aerial loops and column, without sc anchoring the middle arochki 1 2 3 4 and fixes
  • 04:56: so I keep a couple knitting in a circle number knit We will continue to knit spiral anchoring chain of 4 air loop column without sc middle arches
  • 05:26: and continue knitting rows of cut the number of rows you determined I own I found it enough of that Now the number of vyvyazyvayut edge Chime in arches provyazyvaem column sc without two
  • 05:57: column with sc 1 column with two sc two columns with one
  • 06:27: sc and finish column, without sc this turns clove element following arochki repeat a column without sc continue as in the previous version two columns with
  • 06:57: sc 1 post with two sc 2 column with sc and concludes column, without sc series marry consolidated a number of connective loop thread prune it at the end knitting hide on the underside side now we have to do
  • 07:30: rope which we will have the mobility bell the middle is pulled strings on the wrong side strings anchoring mix them taught com
  • 08:07: extra strings cut off You will receive a
  • 08:38: mount straighten bell a bell at I turned knit with pleasure to give to happy luck